Blackjack Soft 17

Soft 17 is an interesting rule that is applied in a range of different ways depending on not just which blackjack variation you play, but also where you choose to play it. While online casinos will make it clear what soft 17 rule is in use at each game, when playing at live casinos - such as on the Las Vegas Strip - it is always wise to know how the soft 17 rule will be played.

There are two different ways that soft 17 can be utilized in a game of blackjack. One is for the dealer to stand on soft 17, and the other is to hit. Standing on soft 17 simply means that when the dealer reaches 17 he or she must stop adding cards to their hand.

The term "soft" only refers to the fact that an Ace counts as 11 rather than 1 for the dealer. Regular blackjack players will already know that there is a hard 17 rule that can be applied, which allows the dealer to count Aces as 1 point instead of 11.

It is important to note that if you are playing at live casinos, most Las Vegas casinos hit on soft 17, while casinos in other parts of the world almost always stand on soft 17. This distinction is vital for those looking to apply strategy to their blackjack betting, as the odds will change depending on whether the dealer is forced to hit or stand.

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