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Betting on Horse Racing

In the world of online gambling, racing is an activity that transcends boundaries. Old or young, professional or novice, the pursuit of riches through the process of betting on races of all kinds is something that everyone enjoys.

When you log onto the top racing sites you'll often find a number of betting opportunities beyond a simple race winner prediction. Regardless of how the participants are competing, be it on horseback or automobile, there's a multitude of betting opportunities when you ante-up at our top racing sites.

However, before we send you off into the world of gambling, online racing requires some careful consideration. Although we can't guarantee that our advice will have you betting on the winner every time, we can assure you that our guide to betting on races contains all the things you need to think consider before you place a bet.

In terms of betting, horse racing is divided into three main categories: flat racing, jump racing and harness racing. Each of these variants take place all year round, and which format your prefer is your choice, but as long as your study the form all of them are as popular as each other.

The second thing you need to consider is the types of horse racing bets that are available to you. In general the main wagers on offer are win bets, each-way bets (where a horse can finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd and sometimes 4th) and, sometimes, multiples.

Beyond this, accumulator bets require a punter to pick the winner of two, three or four plus separate races. These bets have a lot of merits in terms of potential return. However, making an accumulator bet can be dangerous because one mistake gambling online can cost you a win.

Horses Racing Online Gambling

Beyond these considerations, you also need to think about the quality of the horse racing platform you're using. When you gamble online, horse racing should be just one of your focuses. Because of the nature of internet gambling, horse racing in the virtual arena also offers a host of additional money making opportunities such as bonuses, free bets and cash back on losing horses. Although all of these deals are usually seasonal, they are all markers of a high quality platform and something you need to look out for when you're gambling online at the top horse racing sites.

To complete our look at the online horse racing world and to ensure you get your nose in front when the betting starts, here's a few betting tips to help you improve your prediction skills.

Become the Bookie: One way to become more familiar with the odds involved in horse racing is to try and create your own. Take on the role of horse racing bookie and pick a selection of races, do your research and set your own realistic betting lines. Once you've done this, check them with the odds on the open market and see how yours compare. Going through this will enable you to know when a betting line is out of sync and worth taking.

Don't Blow your Roll: When it comes to betting, horse racing can become a costly pursuit if you don't stick to your limits. For this reason, managing your bankroll is critical to you overall success. Never wager more than 10% of your bankroll in a single session and make sure that each individual bet doesn't exceed 2% of your bankroll.

Learn and Earn: The more you can learn about online gambling, horse racing and everything else to do with the industry, the more chance you'll have of winning. Read as many tips from respected horse racing pundits as possible and compare the market to build up a better idea of which horses are hot and which horses are not.

How to Bet on Horse Racing

Now that we've given you an insight into the finer points of the online horse racing industry it's time to send you off to make your fortune.

The Melbourne Cup

However, before you venture off, here's an annual event you should look out for: The Melbourne Cup. Like the Grand National, the Derby and the Kentucky Derby, this is one of the top horse racing events of the year and one that can make you a lot of money. Featuring the best horses in the world and some fantastic betting lines, this race is certainly one you should look out for inside our recommended internet gambling sites.

Although we've given you a brief overview of how horse racing betting works, make sure you check out our dedicated section on it before you join some of the best racing sites in the world. Thanks to our industry knowledge and love of racing, we've been able to bring together the finest selection of racing platforms for you to ply your trade on. Not only are they certified as safe and secure, but these websites also give you the best racing bonuses on all the sport's major events, including the Melbourne Cup. So, if you're looking for a better place to bet, make sure you check out range of top racing sites.

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