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    Harness Racing

    If thoroughbred horses monopolize your race card, you're missing out on horserace betting opportunities. Harness racing, which makes use of majestic Standardbred horses, is widely popular in the USA, Canada Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Not only will you find races happening right now at home and abroad, but harness racing is easy to master. Even if you have little experience online gambling, harness racing is uncomplicated and filled with fun. We found that offers the best real money harness racing odds.

    When online gambling, harness racing bets aren't a huge departure from traditional horseracing wagers. Yet even if you're new to betting, we'll help you make your way to the winner's circle. You can get on the right track by visiting top rated harness racing internet gambling sites. Here's what you'll find at a recommended racebook:

    Making Sense of Harness Racing

    Making Sense of Harness Racing

    When online gambling with harness racing for the first time, bettors are often surprised to learn there is no jockey.  Instead, a driver is seated in a sulky or small two-wheeled cart which is attached to the Standardbred horse's harness.  Online gambling harness racing players should know that there are two distinct styles of races, namely pacing and trotting. The key difference is the gait.  In the USA pacing is far more popular, while trotting dominates continental Europe. When gambling online, harness racing fans will often find trotting races in a separate area of the sportsbook or casino online.

    Most harness races in the USA are a mile in length.  Online harness racing gambling sites will make reference to a horse's mark, which is the particular horse's best time.  This is obviously one of the most essential pieces of data available when taking advantage of real cash harness racing.  If you're accustomed to thoroughbred racing, it's worth knowing harness racing horses have longer careers.  That means you'll have more data to work with and there's generally less variance when online gambling with harness racing.

    With two distinct racing styles and tracks on three continents, it's easy to find fantastic harness races.

    Monumental Betting Events

    Compared to other forms of sportsbook online gambling, harness racing has plenty of misconceptions.  The biggest is the belief that harness races are small-time.  In reality, online gambling harness racing fans can count on two distinct Triple Crowns, one for pacers and another for trotters.  Just like thoroughbred Triple Crown, harness horseracing's equivalents are open only to three year olds.  Of course, there are plenty of less prominent races all the time.

    The Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Pacers features the Cane Pace, Little Brown Jug, and Messenger Stakes.  Interestingly enough last year's contest had a combined purse that topped $1.5M.  Meanwhile the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for trotters includes The Hambletonian Stakes, Yonkers Trot, and Kentucky Futurity.  These events are widely popular at online casinos, sportsbooks, and other sites that offer real cash harness racing bets.

    Betting Tips

    Betting Tips

    When taking advantage of real money online gambling, harness racing bettors should make use of all the information available on the race card.  Post position is absolutely key, especially since horses on the inside have an inherent advantage. This obviously isn't a secret and can lead to worse odds on inside horses.  You'll also want to pay attention to the track conditions.  For example, some horses are known to perform better in the mud than others.  Even though there are no guarantees, the statistics don't lie.

    Harness racing online gambling fans know that drivers matter.  Some drivers are more skilled and have far better track records than others.  Always make use of UDRS, which stands for universal driver rating system.  A UDRS between 0.300 and 0.400 is a sign of success.  Of course drivers are only part of the harness racing equation.  You'll want to pay attention to the class of the race and your horse.  Horses obviously change class over time.  The real question is can your horse compete?  Some horses race only to thicken the field.  The odds reflect that fact.

    Harness the Power

    With exciting races on three continents, fantastic payouts, and enough press to help you make educated bets, the smart money is on harness racing online.   While it's certainly true that most leading sportsbook offer harness racing betting, there's no need to settle for a random betting site.  If you're ready to experience a virtual day at the races, we've found the best online gambling harness racing sites.  You'll not only have access to the most races with the top odds, but you'll be able to watch the races live in real time.  If you're ready to sign up now, you'll receive a generous real money bonus at these top rated racebooks.

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