Slots Terminology

Essential Slots Terminology Guide

As with most online casino games, slots have their own unique language that refers to certain games, actions, and outcomes. Read on to find out what some of the most popular slots terminology actually means.

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Slots terms are listed in alphabetical order.


Slots Credit meaning

A bonus at an online slot machine is often an extra feature of the game that can be activated by spinning up a particular combination. Once the bonus begins, players usually take part in a unique game that offers the chance to win big cash for the best slots players.


The value of your bets, eg you may be betting with $1 per credit.

Fruit Machine

A fruit machine is the UK term for slot machine.


The gamble feature is offered on certain online slots and allows the player to double their winnings by playing an additional game. Usually this game is in the form of one face up and four face down cards, where the player must select a face down card that is of a higher value than the face up card. If correct, the player doubles their winnings for the previous spin and may choose to gamble again. If not, they lose their gamble and return to the slots.


The ultimate slot machine prize.


Multi-line definition in online slots

Relates to an online slot machine that offers more than just the standard single pay line. While most traditional slots only offer one pay line, most video slots have multi-line games that can range from two to two hundred pay lines.


The multiplier allows your payouts to increase in relation to how many coins you decide to play. For example, a one coin winning combination could payout 100 coins, whereas playing the maximum coins could earn you a 500-coin prize.

Pay Table

The pay table is such an important feature when it comes to online slots, that we've written a whole page on it: Slots Pay Table.


Progressives are a variation of online slots that are tied to a progressive jackpot i.e. a continually increasing prize pool that is sometimes shared by a number of several online casinos. Players can win part - or even all - of the progressive jackpot by spinning up certain combinations.


Reels are simply the spinning wheels that contain different symbols at online slots. The number of reels can vary depending on where you play, and what style of online slot you choose.


RNG stands for Random Number Generator, and is an integral part of making online slots playable. The software allows thousands of symbols and numbers to be randomly selected in order to give you the illusion of spinning reels for your next combination.

Slots Schedule

The schedule is simply the information relating to the online slot machine that you are playing e.g. number of coins, type of machine, combination payouts.


Traditional slots are often replicas of famous or popular live slots in an online slot format. Additionally, traditional slots are commonly 3-reel, single pay line machines.


The wild symbol can be represented by anything, from a Joker to a specific image related to the online slot. Wilds are often used as versatile symbols that can complete winning combinations.