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Greyhound Racing

Despite declining in popularity over the past several decades, greyhound racing continues to be legal in ten US states, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Yet even if tracks don't operate in your area, you can take advantage of online gambling greyhound racing sites. While many Americans think of the iconic bus company when they hear the name greyhound, racing is worth embracing in 2018. We found that FanDuel offer the best real money greyhound racing gambling odds.

You don't have to be a dog person to fall in love with online greyhound racing gambling. There is plenty of coverage on the internet to give you as many as four legs up. Plus, all our recommended sportsbooks offer top greyhound racing betting. Here's what to expect when you visit any of the best betting sites:

Getting Familiar with Greyhound Gambling

Getting Familiar with Greyhound Racing

Whether you bet live at the track or prefer the convenience of online gambling, greyhound racing is a lot like thoroughbred horseracing. The key difference being that you are betting on dogs rather than horses. In many ways greyhound racing gambling online is analogous to wagering on minor league baseball or sports. At the end of the day, betting on events that aren't generally in the spotlight can be profitable. That's because anything can happen when you enjoy making bets.

Greyhound betting isn't hard to wrap your head around. A typical race features dogs running around a track. Before the race each dog is behind a gate in its own trap. Dogs are effectively lured by a mechanical hare that's attached to the rail. As it moves the hare rapidly, dogs run vigorously in pursuit towards the finish line. Given the impressively good speed of the breed, greyhound racing is always fast and exciting. Tracks usually run around half a kilometer or in the neighborhood of 1640 odd feet.

Typical Greyhound Races

Greyhound internet gambling varies around the world. Depending on where your betting track is located, you may encounter different structures and real cash betting opportunities. For example, UK races typically have six dogs in each race, while eight dogs are common at Australian tracks. One of the best things about internet gambling greyhound racing is the number of betting opportunities. Some tracks offer races every 15 or 20 minutes. Of course if you choose gambling online, greyhound racing tracks all over the world are at your disposal.

You don't have to take our word for it. Even if you aren't interested in online gambling, greyhound racing streams live at top real cash betting sites. You don't have to live near the track to get familiar with your newfound favorite dogs. If you feel like kicking it old school, sites also let you listen to audio play by play of the races in real time.

Real Cash Bets to Meet Your Needs

Real Cash Bets

If you are new to online gambling, greyhound racing is a great place to start. It's not necessary to be familiar with sports betting or thoroughbred horseracing. Like most forms of internet gambling, racing sites let you see the betting opportunities without signing up. That makes it easy to compare the various casino online odds across sites, which is great if you are shopping around for the top real cash payout potential. Top rated online gambling with greyhound racing is available in more places than you might expect.

Once you see a race that appeals to you, just click on the event to view all the available bets. You don't need more than a couple dollars to win real money. In fact, some sites allow bets as low as $0.50. The number of betting opportunities depends on the race in question, but you can bet on dogs to win or place, as well as take advantage of fixed odds. You'll also find exotic bets like the forecast, tricast, quinella, exacta, and trifecta. Whether you prefer to play the greyhound racing odds, or hedge your bets, the dogs rarely disappoint. These are the most popular greyhound racing bets in 2018:

  • Win - betting on a greyhound to finish first
  • Place - betting on a greyhound to finish first or second
  • Show - betting on a greyhound to finish first, second, or third
  • Forecast - selecting two greyhounds to finish first and second in a specific order
  • Reverse forecast - betting on two greyhounds to finish first and second irrespective of order
  • Trifecta - betting on three greyhounds to finish first, second, and third in any order.

Now Virtually Head to the Track

When online gambling, greyhound racing might not be top of mind. Nonetheless, it offers plenty of potential in 2018. With races happening in multiple hemispheres, you'll never have to wait long to enjoy greyhound racing online. Of course, you don't have to waste too much time shopping around for the best odds and races. Our greyhound racing experts have tested and vetted every licensed site so you get the best value for your betting dollars. Visit any of the top rated race books to begin. You'll even get a real money bonus to help you get started on the right foot or paw.

With great odds, fast-paced races, and endless betting opportunities, greyhound racing is a great alternative to traditional horseracing.
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