Caribbean Poker is a poker game that incorporates the best that online gambling poker action has to offer with the lucrative cash prizes of progressive games. If you visit an online gambling site such as, you will have a choice between two different Caribbean Poker games: Hold'em and Stud.

Both Hold'em and Stud poker games play out in exactly the same way as their non-progressive counterparts, with one addition. While you will still be playing for the best hand against the dealer, players can pop a coin into the Jolly Roger sidebet in order to be in the running for the cross-casino progressive jackpot.

Depending on where you play, there will be specific hands that can land you parts of - or even the entire - progressive prize pool. Land the correct poker hands on the flop for a piece of the action, or earn a Royal Flush to win the ultimate online gambling payout: the Caribbean Poker progressive jackpot!

To find venues that offer Caribbean Poker as a playable progressive online gambling game, take a look at our list of the very best online casinos.

Playing Caribbean Poker

Before we delve into the mechanics of a Caribbean Poker hand, let's quickly run through the standard payouts for each game:

Caribbean Stud Poker Payouts

When you're doing some online gambling, Caribbean Poker is played against the dealer and not a host of players like a standard game of poker. Once you've sat down to play Caribbean Poker, the game includes the following aspects: an opening wager, five cards and battle between two hands. Once you've played an opening wager, you will give you five cards face down. The dealer will also receive five cards, the only difference being that one of their five will be exposed.

The dealer's face-up card is pivotal in the game and can help influence your decisions later in the game. When you gamble online, Caribbean Poker has two main options following the deal: fold or raise (challenge the dealer). The betting requires you to put in a wager which is double the size of your opening stake.

Once you've made this decision, the dealer reveals their cards and if they meet the qualifying standards then a showdown takes place. The minimum hand a dealer must hold in order to qualify in a game of Caribbean Poker is Ace/ King high. This means their hand must contain both an ace and a king in order for them to be able to play on.

If you decide to raise your hand and the dealer doesn't qualify, you win even money on your opening ante and your raise bet is returned. Thus, if you bet $5 initially and raised a further $10, you would receive a total of $20 back if the dealer failed to qualify ($5+$5 + $10).

If the dealer qualifies and holds a better hand than you all your money is taken by the casino. Finally, if the dealer qualifies and you win then your ante is paid out at even money and your ante is paid out according to the strength of your hand.

Let's Talk Strategy

Now you've understood the basics of betting, Caribbean Poker has a range of strategies that can help you improve our EV and, therefore, your bankroll.

Firstly, when it comes to online gambling, Caribbean poker requires an understanding of the aforementioned payouts. When you're assessing your hand you need to look at both the dealer's up card and your own selection. For example, if the dealer has a king showing then it's likely they will hold a qualifying hand. If this is the case you shouldn't be looking to play weak hands and hope to steal the money in the middle when the dealer doesn't qualify.

Beyond considering the cards on the table, the best online gambling Caribbean Poker strategy is to understand your overall goal. Do you want to make small consistent gains or play for big money? If you're happy to make incremental gains then it can be wise to play a lot of hands because the dealer will often fail to qualify. When this happens you'll win the money in the middle at a ratio of 1:1 without a fight. However, it's important to note that this strategy can get you into trouble sometimes if you come across the dealer on a hot streak.

In contrast, if you want to play fewer hands but win more money when you do battle with the dealer, you need to have stricter requirements and look for certain starting hands. These will be hands that contain pairs, trips, two pairs and straights. Obviously these hands will present themselves less frequently but when they do you're much more likely to take down the pot. Caribbean stud poker is all about planning and timing. If you can get them right you'll find yourself making a lot more money.

Hopefully, when online gambling, Caribbean Poker won't be as much of a mystery as it once was. Using our basic overview and strategy advice, you should now be able to navigate to our top sites and make some serious cash.

To find venues that offer Caribbean Poker as a playable progressive game, take a look at our list of the very best online casinos here.

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