The Kansas City Chiefs (7-1) continue to be the consensus favorite to win the 2021 Super Bowl at 7/2 odds, according to a recent update by the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas. However, in the last week or so, several teams moved toward the top of the NFL futures board. The Pittsburgh Steelers (7-0), the only undefeated team remaining in the NFL, are now 5/1 odds to win the 2021 Super Bowl. Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs are now 6/1 odds to win the Super Bowl after a 6-2 start.

Pittsburgh Steelers Tampa Bay Bucs Super Bowl Odds Update
Chase Claypool and the Pittsburgh Steelers have yet to lose a game, and their Super Bowl odds reflect their perfect season. (Image: Getty)

The Seattle Seahawks (6-1) and their banged-up backfield are also 6/1 odds to win the Super Bowl.

At the start of the season, the Green Bay Packers were 28/1 odds. Now, the 5-2 Packers are 10/1 odds to win the Super Bowl.

  • Kansas City Chiefs 7/2
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 5/1
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6/1
  • Seattle Seahawks 6/1
  • Green Bay Packers 10/1
  • Baltimore Ravens 12/1
  • New Orleans Saints 14/1
  • Indianapolis Colts 20/1
  • Tennessee Titans 20/1
  • Buffalo Bills 20/1
  • LA Rams 25/1
  • Arizona Cardinals 25/1

The Baltimore Ravens (5-2) were co-favorites to win the Super Bowl in the offseason at 7/1 odds. At the start of the season, the Ravens were just behind Kansas City at 13/2 odds. After losing a tough game against Kansas City earlier in the season, the Ravens saw their odds start to dip.

Even after a loss to their AFC North rival Pittsburgh, the Ravens offer up tremendous value at 12/1, especially if you think they will peak later in the season.

Very Loooooooong Shots

Don’t mistake a value play from a long shot. This next batch of NFL teams are in the long-shot category, but oddsmakers still have them on the board because many of their loyal fans will still look at the number and fire away.

It’s funny how quickly the markets turned on both the Chicago Bears and the Cleveland Browns. The Bears were 50/1 odds to win the Super Bowl before the season began. After a hot start, the Bears saw their odds tick down before consecutive losses pushed many bettors to jump off Da Bears bandwagon.

  • Philadelphia Eagles 40/1
  • San Francisco 49ers 50/1
  • Las Vegas Raiders 60/1
  • Miami Dolphins 80/1
  • New England Patriots 100/1
  • Cleveland Browns 100/1
  • Chicago Bears 100/1

The Cleveland Browns started the season 4-1 for their best start since 1994 when a young Bill Belichick coached the team. The Browns started the season at 40/1 odds to win the 2021 Super Bowl. After their 4-1 start, the Browns saw their odds bump to 28/1. The Browns went 1-2 since then, and their current odds sunk to 100/1.

No Shots

The NFL season still has nine more weeks to play, but at least 13 teams have a slim to zero chance at turning their seasons around.

The NFC East is still wide open, but oddsmakers have zero faith in any of those teams, even if they advance to the postseason with a losing record.

  • Minnesota Vikings 200/1
  • Washington 200/1
  • Dallas Cowboys 300/1
  • LA Chargers 300/1
  • Denver Broncos 300/1
  • Detroit Lions 300/1
  • Houston Texans 500/1
  • Atlanta Falcons 500/1
  • Carolina Panthers 500/1
  • Cincinnati Bengals 500/1
  • New York Giants 1000/1
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 10000/1
  • New York Jets 10000/1

It’s shocking to see both the Jaguars and LOL Jets at 10,000 to 1 odds. Once Gardner Minshew injured his thumb, oddsmakers put the DOA tag on the toe of their corpse. And the LOL Jets? Well, the hapless Jets remain the only winless team in the NFL, and sunk to 0-8 after getting thrashed by the Kansas City Chiefs.