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The slabs seen here from PSA and SGC are among the most popular services in the hobby. (Image: Johnny Kampis)

Card Collectors Corner: A Primer on Sports Card Grading

One of the most common questions I get from relatively novice collectors who visit my store, Cullman Sportscards & Fun Shop, is about where and how to get their cards graded. Given the popularity of “slabs,” the term those in the hobby use for graded cards, and the boost in […]

You can find good deals on sports cards on the Whatnot app, as long as you don't go too crazy with the bidding. (Image: Screenshot)

Tips for Buying Sports Cards on Whatnot

If you haven’t experienced the Whatnot app yet, let it best be described as collectible sales on steroids. The platform allows sellers to stream and host rapid-fire auctions (usually around 30 seconds each) in a number of categories such as video games, action figures, Funko Pops, and of course, sports […]

Rookie quarterback Mac Jones will start for the New England Patriots in Week 1. (Image: Mike Stobe/Getty)

Mac Jones’ Rookie Card is the Most Submitted for PSA Grading

While the Buffalo Bills waxed the New England Patriots in the wild-card round of the NFL playoffs, Mac Jones became the king of graded cards. PSA, the market leader in card grading, released a graphic showing the top-10 most submitted cards for December, and the Patriots quarterback made the list […]

PSA will temporarily stop accepting submissions for all of its lower-tiered grading levels to help it clear its enormous backlog. (Image: Linked In)

PSA Report Shows Millions of Cards Still in Grading Backlog

PSA, the market leader in sports card grading, announced this month the return of another of its grading tiers, but the December blog post shows that the company still has a long way to go to clear its backlog. PSA will reopen its Regular grading service level, although at a […]

Card shows like this one in Scottsboro, Alabama, can be great sources for collectors. (Image: Johnny Kampis)

Don’t Attend a Sports Card Show Without Reading These Tips First

Thinking about venturing away from online, high-stakes sports card auctions and attending your first card show? Good for you. But remember, a live show is very different than what you’ll encounter online and, for the uninitiated, the experience can be confusing and even a little overwhelming. We’re here to help, […]

Beckett Grading Services announced this week that starting on Monday it will stop taking most submissions so it can clear its backlog. (Image: Beckett)

Beckett Grading Services Pauses Most Options to Clear Backlog

Following the lead of PSA, which also saw overwhelming demand, Beckett Grading Services will stop accepting most card grading submissions on Monday as it works to clear its backlog. The company made the announcement on its website this week, in a post discussing its plans for the National Sports Collectors […]

This 1914 Baltimore News minor league card of Babe Ruth just set a new sales record of $6 million. (Image: Collectable)

Babe Ruth Card Sets New Record With $6M Sale Price

With one Babe Ruth card going up for auction later this month expected to compete for the record sale price for a sports card, another Ruth card just set the new standard at $6 million – even if the exchange could be part of a marketing gimmick. Yahoo Sports reported […]

When I opened Cullman Sportscards & Fun Shop to the public on April 6 I had it stocked with plenty of vintage wax, a mix of new sealed product and singles of plenty of Alabama, Auburn, Braves players' singles. (Image: Johnny Kampis)

Opening a Card Shop Part 4: Opening Day for Cullman Sportscards

It took me several days to even start this column. Why? Because after I opened Cullman Sportscards & Fun Shop last week I became so overwhelmed by customers that I barely had time to breathe, much less write. The response shows the pent-up demand for a collectibles shop in my […]

This T206 Honus Wagner formerly owned by Joe Garagiola brought $2.5 million at auction on Sunday. (Image: Heritage Auctions)

T206 Honus Wagner Card Fetches $2.5M at Auction

Imagine owning a baseball card that not only features a big crease, but that’s lost some of the cardboard from the back after being pasted in a scrapbook – and then selling that card for more than $2.5 million. A famed T206 Honus Wagner fetched that price during a recent […]

Dallas Marvericks owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban said Thursday that sports cards are among the assets he's hedging his bets on now. (Image: Yahoo Finance)

Is the Sports Card Market in a Bubble? Mark Cuban Hedges His Bets

Dallas Mavericks owner and famed entrepreneur Mark Cuban entered the sports card market bubble debate on Thursday when he listed it among his assets on which he’s hedging his bets. Cuban appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box and said he’s adjusted his investment portfolio in a number of categories for fear […]