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The Seattle Kraken becomes the next NHL expansion team. (Image: NBC)

Release the Kraken, Seattle NHL Franchise Reveals Sea-Monster Name

It’s official. The Seattle Kraken will become the 32nd team in the NHL after the expansion franchise announced its deep sea-inspired moniker. The Kraken will join the NHL in the Western Conference in the 2021-22 season. After the Las Vegas Golden Knights joined the Western Conference, the NHL had an […]

The mythical Kraken, an underwater sea monster, that terrorized ships for centuries. (Image: Flickr)

NHL Rumors: New Franchise Named the Seattle Kraken?

The latest word on the street is that the folks bringing a new NHL franchise to Seattle will name their team the Seattle Kraken. Hockey fans have mixed feelings, but film director Kevin Smith loves the potential name, and claims he’d become a huge fan and “Krak-head” if Seattle keeps […]