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Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death at 87 last week made her the fourth-oldest Supreme Court Justice in American history. It also ignited what promises to be a brutal fight to replace her on the bench less than two months from the presidential election. (Image: US Supreme Court)

Supreme Court Betting: Amy Coney Barrett Heavy Favorite to Succeed RBG

It’s highly unlikely that Amy Coney Barrett will ever earn an affectionate three-letter-moniker like the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s “RBG,” but it’s very likely that the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Justice will replace Ginsberg on the US Supreme Court. Even as the country mourns Ginsburg and her civil rights […]

Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas (left), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (center), and Stephen Breyer (right) are favorites as next to give up their lifetime appointment to the highest bench in the land. (Image: AP)

Ginsburg, Thomas, Breyer … Who’s Next to Leave Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court is back in session. With America’s highest court live-streaming oral arguments for the first time ever, the public is hearing the nine justices ask questions of historic import. For bettors, it’s the first time they get to hear from the protagonists in one of the quirkier wagers […]