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NBA Top Shot offers a dynamic, integrated website for users, while the Topps MLB sports NFTs require a bit more crypto knowledge to fully enjoy. (Image: NBATopShot.com)

Sports NFTs: Comparing NBA Top Shot to Topps MLB Collectibles

When it comes to sports NFTs, there are two names dominating the discussion right now: NBA Top Shot and Topps. Those who follow soccer know Sorare has also made a splash, and teams like the Golden State Warriors are beginning to enter the space as well. But in the United […]

NBA Top Shot moment prices have dropped precipitously in recent weeks, but each pack still contains value for buyers. (Image: NBA Top Shot)

NBA Top Shot: Is the Era of Free Money Over for Investors?

By any objective measure, prices for NBA Top Shot moments are still high. As I’ve talked about before, opening a new pack still guarantees investors a profit, something that can rarely be said about sealed product for physical collectibles. But there’s no doubt that prices on the Top Shot marketplace […]

NBA Top Shot has made waves in the collectibles community, with some early, limited-edition moments selling for outrageous prices. (Image: NBA Top Shot)

NBA Top Shot: Welcome to the Wild World of Digital Basketball Collectibles

If you’re interested in basketball, blockchains, or have simply been on the internet in the last two months, you’ve almost certainly heard of NBA Top Shot. Simply put, it’s a site that produces licensed digital collectibles that are akin to virtual basketball cards. But that one-sentence description doesn’t begin to […]