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Gerrit Cole was among several MLB pitchers to publicly bash the league for its implementation of a foreign substance ban. (Image: Joshua Bessex/Getty)

MLB Pitchers Sound Off on Upcoming Foreign Substance Ban

Starting Monday, Major League Baseball will expect its umpires to begin enforcing its rules against applying foreign substances to the ball, complete with 10-game suspensions for violators. And while feelings about the new rules are mixed, many pitchers are taking issue with how the league is implementing the regulations. Several […]

Major League Baseball has announced a crackdown on pitchers using foreign substances, with enforcement set to begin on Monday. (Image: Patrick Smith/Getty)

Sticky Situation: MLB Unveils New Guidelines on Foreign Substances for Pitchers

Major League Baseball rules already prohibit pitchers from using foreign substances to improve their grip on the ball, but that hasn’t stopped players from flaunting that rule — to varying degrees — for decades. But starting on Monday, MLB officials say they’ll be cracking down on ball-tampering in an attempt […]

Gerrit Cole didn’t quite know how to answer a question over whether or not he has used Spider Tack to improve his grip on the baseball. (Image: Adam Hunger/Getty)

Cy Young Favorite Gerrit Cole Punts on Question About Sticky Substances

In recent days, Major League Baseball has moved to crack down on foreign substances that benefit pitchers. On Tuesday, Gerrit Cole stumbled over a question about whether or not he had ever used a sticky product known as Spider Tack while pitching. Cole neither confirmed nor denied using Spider Tack […]