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Arkansas guard Mason Jones fades away for a jumper against Kentucky. (Image: Michael Woods/AP)

SEC Bubble Teams: Florida, South Carolina, Arkansas

While Kentucky and Auburn fight for the SEC conference crown, a trio of SEC teams are on the March Madness bubble, including Florida (16-9), Arkansas (16-9), and South Carolina (16-9). According to ESPN’s Bracketology, six SEC teams are in contention for March Madness berths. Kentucky and Auburn have been hovering […]

Going to a swim or just out for lunch?

Long Odds in Florida: Hurricanes, Alligators, and Sharks

Florida may dodged the worst of Hurricane Dorian, but the Sunshine State still deals with a lot of Mother’s Natures dangers. What are the odds that living or visiting in Florida might mean a Dorothy-like ride in a hurricane or a playful nip from an alligator or Jaws? Sharks Forget […]