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President Trump, seen leaving the White House for a rally, is predicted to stay in office, even if impeached.

Current Odds Predict Trump Impeachment Without Resignation

The probability that President Trump will be impeached before the end of his first term is now 90 percent. Prediction markets, however, still don’t think a Trump resignation is in the cards, regardless of impeachment.  And resignation could be an important factor for impeachment bettors. After the House of Representatives […]

The Atlanta Falcons are at the wrong end of the longest odds this week. (Image: Deadspin)

NFL Betting: Longest and Shortest Odds of the Week

Betting against the Miami Dolphins seemed like a safe wager until last Sunday. So did betting on another Patriot’s win, which is why they still play the games. Upsets happen. Teams have bad weeks, and the ball takes funny bounces. Still, the bookies carry on, leaving us to ask, what […]