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This T206 Honus Wagner baseball card demolished the previous record sale for a sports card. (Image: Robert Edwards Auctions)

Honus Wagner Card Shatters Sales Record with $6.6 Million Deal

Perhaps the most famous baseball card of all time set a new sales record in a deal finalized on Monday. The T206 Honus Wagner sold for just over $6.6 million, including a 20% buyer’s premium, eclipsing by $1.4 million the most recent sales records set earlier this year. A 1952 […]

This 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth card graded Mint 9 by PSA could break auction records this summer (Image: Memory Lane Auctions)

Babe Ruth Baseball Card Auction Could Top Records

One of the world’s most valuable sports card collections will soon go up for auction, and a famed Babe Ruth baseball card from the lot could break sales records, experts say. Dr. Thomas Newman, a Florida neurologist, died at age 73 in January from complications caused by COVID-19. His wife, […]

I bought this salon on Wednesday, and will spend the next two months transforming it into a the finest sports card store in all of Cullman, Alabama. I'm making a big bet on the future of TK. (Image: Amy Kampis)

Opening a Sports Card Shop, Part 2: Buying a Building

Last week, I signed on the dotted line, paving the way to open a sports card store in my hometown of Cullman, Alabama. As I previously recounted for OG News readers, I’m jumping on the sports trading-card bandwagon. Even though some investors speculate this crypto-hot market will burn out soon, […]

Got cards? Due to the hot market, sports card packs and boxes are becoming increasingly harder to find on the shelves at Walmart and other retailers. (Image: Change.org)

Watch Out for Scams When Buying Sports Card Packs Online

With their popularity at perhaps an all-time high, it’s becoming increasingly harder to find sports card packs or boxes on retail shelves. And, hobby shops that sell online now jack up new product prices because the demand allows them to increase profits. In short, it’s tough out there for a […]