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Bettors wagering on President-Elect Joe Biden got the point with decent odds compared to his chances of winning. As for stubborn Donald Trump bettors, they felt like they were hit by a fist when he didn't repeat his upset victory of 2016. (Image: AP left/New York Times right)

Online Sportsbook Gives Dogged Trump Bettors A Break From Losing

With President Donald Trump and his bettors apparent losers at the ballot box and at the betting window, the 2020 US Presidential election was as big a dream for bookmakers as the 2016 election was a nightmare. Yet one overseas bookmaker bucked the trend and got off the gravy train. […]

MyBookie Chief Oddsmaker David Strauss said his book took in more money on the presidential election than it took in on the Super Bowl. With two days remaining until the election, President Donald Trump remains an underdog over challenger Joe Biden. (Image: The Independent)

Political Betting: Setting Election Lines Isn’t a Pollster’s Game

The first thing David Strauss wants you to know about political betting is to forget the media. As far as the chief oddsmaker for MyBookie.com is concerned, what you hear from the pundits and the polls is different from what you hear from the bettors. Strauss explained to OG News […]

Democratic challenger Joe Biden attracted 81% of wagers -- numbers that knocked his odds down to among their lowest of the 2020 presidential campaign. (Image: Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press)

Election Betting Numbers Keep Adding Up for a Biden Victory

As Democratic challenger Joe Biden takes in larger amounts of money, and with polls in battleground states and nationwide turning sharply against him, President Donald Trump’s re-election odds climbed to their highest points of the campaign. After taking them down following Trump’s positive test for COVID-19, overseas books put Trump’s […]