What does President Trump and the Super Bowl have in common? Lots if you want to put down a proposition bet related to the leader of the free world.

President Trump Super Bowl
President Trump showed up for the College Football National Championship game two weeks ago, but is a -400 not to show up for the Super Bowl. (Image: AP)

Bovada and BetOnline have released a few regarding Trump and Super Bowl 54 bets, and while some are predictable, others show a decent amount of creativity. This year will have a political bent to the advertisements, as Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg will be running political ads during the game.

Both Trump and Bloomberg are planning on running at least one advertisement during Super Bowl 54. Trump is currently the favorite to win the 2020 election at -145, according to Ladbrokes. Bloomberg, who entered the race late, is at +1400.

Bet on Trump, Super Bowl Ad

Those in the president’s reelection committee have not given any clues to the media of what the ad might look like. What is known is that the campaign for both men spent $10 million for a 60-second spot.

Neither Trump or Bloomberg are hurting for money. Trump’s campaign officials recently disclosed that they have a war chest of $463 million. Bloomberg has a net worth of an estimated $60 billion. He has already said he’ll be paying for the ad himself.

But which candidate’s commercial will run first? Bovada has Trump as the favorite at -320, while Bloomberg is at +210. Gamblers might want to hurry up and put a wager on Trump, despite the odds. A source for the magazine Ad Age, said that Trump’s spot will run early in the game, while Bloomberg’s is slated closer to halftime.

Other prop bets related to the President Trump Super Bowl ad are if his commercial will say Super Bowl or thank Fox News. The “yes’ on saying Super Bowl is -120, while the “no” is -190. For thanking Fox News the “yes” is +700 and the “no” is at -1500. Both bets are offered by BetOnline.

Will Trump Attend?

The biggest question is will President Trump attend the Super Bowl? He has shown up at other sporting events, including the College Football National Championship game at the Superdome in New Orleans.

Oddmakers don’t believe that will happen. Bovada has the “yes” at +250 he will attend and the “no” at -400.

He will most likely, however, tape an interview to be run well before the start of the game. It was a tradition that began with George W. Bush, and continued by Barack Obama.

Trump did the sit-down interview with Fox in 2017, but skipped it in 2018 when NBC had the rights to the game. Trump has been a vocal critic of NBC, as well as MSNBC, who he often calls “fake news.”

Last year, Trump did the interview with CBS. This year, Fox will be broadcasting the game, so it is assumed he will be participating again in an interview.

Trump Tweet Storm Likely at Super Bowl?

Of course one of Trump’s favorite sources of media is Twitter, and there are several social media bets associated with the President and Twitter. The first is by BetOnline, who has a line on if Trump will tweet during the game. The “yes” is +100, and the “no” is -140. The over/under on how many tweets he will have on Feb. 2 is set at 13.5. The under is -170, and the over is +130.

Another Twitter-related bet is if Trump will tweet latinos after the game. Super Bowl 54 is taking place in Miami, a heavily Latino populated part of the US. The “no” is the favorite at -1000, while the “yes” is at +500.

After the final score Bovada wonders is Trump will congratulate the winning team on Twitter. The “yes” is -145, while the “no” is +105.

BetOnline has a line on a more traditional method of communication. They put out a prop on whether Trump will call the winning coach. The “yes” is -1000, and the “no” is +500.

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