NFL prop bettors have to know their quarterbacks. There are four categories of QB-related bets — more than any other position — and a limited field of potential superstars capable of being tops for most passing yards, most touchdowns, highest passer rating, and, undesirably, most interceptions.

Caption One: Patrick Mahomes leads his contemporaries in two of four quarterback prop bets, including most touchdowns and most passing yards. (Image: Getty)

Bovada, BetOnline, and Ladbrokes were all taking action on either one or more of those bets. We take a look at the four categories, and give our take on who might rewarded bettors at the end of the regular season.

Patrick Mahomes Sailing Away

Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes blew away the competition last year with 50 touchdown passes. The next highest was Indianapolis’ Andrew Luck with 39. That is the reason Mahomes is the favorite from Bovada, BetOnline, and Ladbrokes.

Most Touchdown Passes

Player                        Team   2018 TDs  Bovada   BetOnline   Labrokes

Patrick Mahomes       Chiefs       50          7/2           3/1              5/2

Andrew Luck              Colts         38          11/2         6/1              5/1

Matt Ryan                  Falcons     35           8/1          6/1              5/1

Aaron Rodgers          Packers     25           9/1          6/1              6/1

Baker Mayfield          Browns      27           14/1        12/1            12/1

Drew Brees               Saints        32           20/1        12/1            11/1

Carson Wentz           Eagles       21           18/1        14/1            11/1

The Chiefs second-year signal caller will most likely have a letdown from his phenomenal amount of touchdown passes, but even if he drops 20 percent, he would still have more than any other QB did last season. It is doubtful the talented passer will have that big of a letdown.

The only other question is can anyone keep up with him? Andrew Luck of Indianapolis and Atlanta’s Matt Ryan would seem the most likely. Both return from strong years, and have weapons that should help boost their numbers.

One darkhorse candidate would seem to be Cleveland’s Baker Mayfield. He begins his second year in the league, and has a new receiver to target in Odell Beckham Jr. At 14/1 with Bovada, he seems awfully tempting.

Big Ben Prone To Picks

Who will throw the most interceptions seems to be a bit wide open, since the leader last season, isn’t expected to duplicate his dubious mark. Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger led the league in 2018 with 16 picks, and didn’t apologize last year for the high number of mistakes.

“I’m a quarterback that is going to go out and sling it,” Roethlisberger said last November. “I’m not going to worry about interceptions. I hate doing them, they bother me. But I’m going to go out and play my game and try and help us win football games. Basketball right, you miss threes. Do they stop shooting? No, because you trust yourself.”

Most Interceptions

Player                    Team          2018 INTs   Bovada    Ladbrokes

B. Roethlisberger   Steelers        16              8/1                8/1

Jameis Winston     Bucs              14            15/2               8/1

Kyler Murray          Cardinals      N/A           10/1               8/1

Sam Darnold          Jets               15            11/1               7/1

Josh Allen              Bills               12            12/1              12/1

Cam Newton          Panthers       13            14/1              12/1

Phillip Rivers          Chargers      12             14/1               9/1

Though Roethlisberger is one of the favorites at Ladbrokes to throw the most interceptions, he should benefit from a more stable atmosphere. Gone is Antonio Brown, and his demands to have the ball thrown his way no matter how many defenders were covering him.

One longshot to seriously look at is Buffalo’s Josh Allen and Miami’s Ryan Fitzpatrick. Allen had 12 picks in 12 games, while Fitzpatrick threw 12 in eight games. Allen and Fitzpatrick both are at 12/1 odds at both Bovada and Ladbrokes.

Consistency Makes Drew Brees Favorite

New Orleans QB Drew Brees led passer rating over Mahomes last year, and oddsmakers at BetOnline and Ladbrokes believe he will win this stat again. Brees finished 2018 with a passer rating of 115.7, which factors passing attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns, and interceptions. Mahomes was at 113.8.

Highest Passer Rating

Player                     Team          2018 Rating    BetOnline     Ladbrokes

Drew Brees             Saints           115                   5/2                12/5

Patrick Mohomes    Chiefs           113.8                3/1                11/4

Aaron Rodgers        Packers        97.6                 4/1                  4/1

Matt Ryan               Falcons         108.1                9/2                 4/1

Russell Wilson        Seahawks     110.9                6/1                 6/1

Deshaun Watson    Texans          103.1               12/1               12/1

Phillip Rivers          Chargers       105.5               12/1               12/1

At 39-years-old, Brees has no reason to change how he approaches the position. He is an efficient, intelligent quarterback, who doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. He will be difficult to beat here, and with odds a little better than 2/1, it is a decent bet.

If looking for a longshot though, Carson Wentz might be worth a shot. The Eagles QB got dinged last year for only playing in 11 games, but still managed a rating of 102.2. If he stays healthy, at 16/1, he could produce a nice payout.

Gunslinger Matt Ryan Shooting to Top

This category is for those that like to chuck it early and often. Atlanta’s Ryan and Kansas City’s Mahomes definitely meet that criteria. Pittsburgh’s Roethlisberger was the leader last year, but for some reason is the third pick behind those two. Mahomes is 9/2, and Ryan at 5/1, while Roethlisberger is grouped with Rodgers and Luck at 8/1.

Most Passing Yards

Player                   Team     2018 Yds BetOnline Bovada Ladbrokes

Patrick Mahomes  Chiefs      5,097        9/2            9/2          7/2

Matt Ryan              Falcons   4,924        5/1            5/1          7/2

Aaron Rodgers      Packers   4,442        8/1            8/1          9/1

B, Roethlisberger  Steelers   5,129        8/1            8/1          9/1

Andrew Luck         Colts        4,593        8/1            8/1          7/1

Jameis Winston     Bucs       2,992         10/1         10/1         20/1

Baker Mayfield     Browns     3,725         14/1         14/1         9/1

Ryan has always had a good amount of passing yards, but it may go up with new offensive coordinator, Dirk Koetter. It is the second time he has worked with Ryan, having been at that job from 2012-2014. In those three seasons, Ryan attempted the most passes in his career.

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