MSNBC political analyst and analytics guru Steve “Map Daddy” Kornacki made a memorable guest appearance on Sunday Night Football’s pregame and halftime shows, sending hearts aflutter on Twitter.

Steve Kornacki
Political data analyst Steve Kornacki in his signature khakis crushed two segments on NBC’s Sunday Night Football, breaking down the NFL’s complex playoff picture. (Image: AP)

Kornacki, known for both his unrelenting up-to-the-second analysis and welcoming business casual attire, wore his signature khakis, Adidas sneaks, and Banana Republic work shirt as he commanded the studio’s touch screen.

Of particular interest to bettors is Kornacki’s spot analysis of the NFL playoff picture, which changed as the day’s scores came in. Kornacki’s analysis included a deep dive into the ramifications of the Giants’ upset of Seattle on Sunday afternoon, which caused Kornacki to lead off his segment with a breakdown of the muddled NFC playoff picture.

Shining a light on Kornacki-style breakdowns follows in lockstep with the rise in popularity of odds prognostication sites like ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight, which tout the ability to view matchups, be they sports or politics, in an honest, unbiased, data-driven approach.

Numbers geeks, sports luminaries, fellow talking heads, and bettors alike lauded Kornacki’s straight scoop, and fawned over his Sunday Night Football cameo.

Media insiders say the odds are on the bespectacled, soothsaying phenom to be back on set throughout the rest of the NFL regular season and playoffs.

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