Gold again for the Minty Maniacs! The Minty Maniacs triumphantly locked up their second gold medal in three events in Marble League 2020 after dominating the 10-funnel course in E3 Funnel Endurance. O’rangers finished in second place to secure a silver medal. Savage Speeders took third for the bronze medal.

Marble LEague 2020 E3 Funnel Endurance Minty Maniacs
Marble League 2020, aka the Marble Olympics, continues with E3, Funnel Endurance. (Image: YouTube)

Minty Drizzel from Minty Maniacs emerged victorious in E3 with a 2:11.07 final time. In the Funnel Endurance, it’s the last marble to cross the finish line that wins. Only six out of 16 teams posted times that were above the two-minute mark. The other five didn’t stand a chance against the last marble standing, Minty Drizzel.

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” sponsors the Olympics rendition of Jelle’s Marble Runs. So far, three events out of 16 are in the books.

MARBLE LEAGUE 2020 RESULTS (Thru 3 Events)
E1 Balancing: Minty Maniacs
E2 Halfpipe: O’rangers
E3 Funnel Endurance: Minty Maniacs

The Minty Maniacs and O’rangers established themselves as the teams to fear the most in the Marble Racing Olympics. The O’rangers won last week’s E2 Halfpipe with a record-setting performance. Minty Maniacs got off to a hot start with a victory in E1 Balancing.

Jelle’s Marble Runs will host E4 Newton’s Cradle on July 9. The long-awaited E5 Long Jump, takes place next weekend.

E3 Funnel Endurance, Minty Gold 2x

The Funnel Endurance includes 10 funnels with the ultimate goal to finish last. The top-five funnels, colored orange, were a smaller cup size compared to the bottom funnels. The bottom-five green funnels offered a wider berth.

Only eight teams advanced to the finals. The top four teams in each heat qualified.

In Group A, Ducky from Green Ducks won a Heat A with a 2:06.99 time. Rounding out the top four in Heat A were the Savage Speeders, Minty Maniacs, and Bumblebees.

Group B teams faced a longer run with seven teams lasting two-minutes or longer. Kinnowin from O’rangers won Heat B with a 2:15.12 run time. The other qualifiers from Heat B included Crazy Cat’s Eyes, Balls of Chaos, and Thunderbolts.

GOLD: Minty Maniacs (Minty Drizzel) 2:11.07
SILVER: O’rangers (Kinnowin) 2:04.91
BRONZE: Savage Speeders (Whizzy) 2:03.13
4. Green Ducks 2:02.17
5. Balls of Chaos 2:01.88
6. Crazy Cat’s Eyes 2:00.77
7. Bumblebees 1:58.07
8. Thunderbolts 1:57.27
9. Raspberry Racers 2:04.30
10. Hazers 2:03.71
11. Midnight Wisps 2:01.69
12. Hornets 1:59.52
13. Oceanics 1:46.09
14. Team Galactic 1:33.89
15. Mellow Yellow 1:44.05
16. Team Momo 1:38.92

In the finals, Whizzy from the Savage Speeders finished in third place for bronze and held off the Green Ducks to earn a spot on the podium.

Kinnowin from the O’rangers locked up a silver medal for second place after edging out Whizzy with a 2:04.91 run time (vs. 2:01.13).

Minty Maniacs returned to the winner’s circle with a gold-medal finish. It wasn’t even close for Minty Drizzel, who became the last marble through the final funnel with a 2:11.07 run time in the finals.

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