Of all the hundreds of wagers, there are several television related Super Bowl prop bets that gamblers can bet on, and probably will.

Tony Romo, Jim Nantz
Tony Romo, left, and Jim Nantz will be calling the Super Bowl for CBS, and there is a bet on whether either of them will say dynasty. (Image: USA Today Sports)

From commercials featuring animals to if announcers Jim Nantz and Tony Romo saying the word dynasty, there isn’t anything oddsmakers won’t dream up to put on their betting sheets.

We take a look at five interesting television-related prop bets and offer our opinion on the likelihood of them occurring.

1. Over/Under 5.5 Commercials will Feature Dogs?

Madison Avenue learned decades ago that babies and animals sell products. Dogs seem to be the most effective. One of the best Super Bowl ads of all time was Budweiser’s Lost Puppy and that 2015 through 2017 campaign showed the power of canines.

Last year Union Bank featured a dog in its Super Bowl 52 ad. The under on 5.5 commercials with dogs hit last season, and while they are popular, should be less than six again this year.

Both over/under are listed at -115, but we think this isn’t the year of the dog.

Take the under.

2. Over/Under National 44.5 Rating -115

Last year the rating was 48.8, down 3 percent from 2017. Part of the reason for that is the gaining popularity of live streaming, which isn’t included in the Nielsen statistics.

With football fans tired of New England in the game for yet another year, and New Orleans fans vowing to boycott the game because of the controversial call in the NFC Championship, the numbers could again be down.

Both are at -115 and we believe less people will be turning on the television for the game.

Take the under

3. Over/Under 106.5 million US Television Viewership

This number also fell last year. In 2017 the number was 111.3 million viewers, but last year’s game only managed 103.4 million. So, will the game be better than last year, but not reach 2017?

Los Angeles is the second largest television market, and they could up the number of people tuned in, but again with live streaming and a threatened boycott by New Orleans fans, the number could be closer to the 2018 mark. Both are getting-115, but the under seems most likely.

Take the under.

4. Jim Nantz, Tony Romo Saying Dynasty

The CBS broadcast team of Jim Nantz and Tony Romo are one of the best in the business, but neither one might not be able to avoid the cliché in describing the New England Patriots.

The word is far more likely to be uttered if the Patriots win the game, but there is no guarantee either one wouldn’t say dynasty in the pregame remarks or sometime early in the contest.

The yes is the favorite at -150 and the no is listed at +120.

Take the yes.

5. Donald Trump Giving Pregame Interview?

No mention of the word live interview, so there is nothing stopping CBS from doing a taped piece with President Donald Trump that could air anytime before the start of the game. The pregame is so long they have to fill it with something, and the president could be asked to do an interview.

The other school of thought, though, is that CBS doesn’t want to show such a polarizing figure, and may shy away from doing anything with Trump. The yes is the favorite at -200 and the no is at +150.

We like the odds on the no and are betting CBS doesn’t want or need the headache.

Take the no.

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