College football’s Week 5 highlights were filled with more than just long touchdown passes. In fact, passes didn’t even make this week’s highlight reel.

Daniel Wright college football highlights
The interception by Alabama cornerback Daniel Wright was one of several college football highlights during Week 5. (Image: Getty)

Here’s a look at some of the week’s biggest plays, including an offensive lineman who made an incredible block, an interception that defied gravity, and what happens when players celebrate a touchdown before they get in the end zone.

Clearing the Way

When the wife and I go to Walmart on Black Friday, I’m calling Joe Tukuafu to come with us. The third-string center for BYU cleared a path on a run play where he blocked two players at once. That should make our shopping for a $22 big-screen television a breeze.

The question that comes to mind after seeing this play isn’t how he did this against two Troy defenders, it’s how is he a third-string player? It might be time to move Tukuafu up the depth chart.

Stiff Arming on Sidelines

For Tennessee wide receiver Jalin Hyatt, the play isn’t over until he is at least five yards out of bounds.

Hyatt, a freshman is already showing the attitude of a senior. He’s not letting a guy sitting in a chair on the sidelines trip him up. Hello scrub, meet my stiff arm.

You Make the Call

Baylor was set to take the lead against West Virginia on Saturday, and thought they had it when running back John Lovett pushed toward the goal line. On review, the refs disagreed, deciding Lovett was stopped short of the goal line.

What do you think? It’s our job to be impartial and not let our bias show even though he totally scored.

I’ll Take That

Alabama’s Daniel Wright decided he’d seen enough of Texas A&M quarterback Kellon Mond driving down the field, so the junior defensive back picked off Mond and ran back 46 yards for the touchdown.

The pick-six put the Crimson Tide up 28-14, and was one of the best interceptions of the day.

Hold my Drink

That was until Clemson cornerback Andrew Booth Jr. decided he would turn in what is arguably the interception of the year.

Booth was defending Virginia’s Lavel Davis Jr. on a play that went into the end zone. Booth grabbed the ball one-handed and then held onto the ball while twisting his body.

Premature Celebration Backfires

When are football players going to learn that you don’t celebrate until you cross the goal line? There were two instances of players rejoicing before they actually scored.

The first was in the Army-Abilene Christian game. Abilene Christian’s L.J. McConnell took a sweep left and broke into the open field. He raised his hand a little too soon, and got tackled from behind.

The second instance of premature celebration was more costly. Kentucky’s Asim Rose looked like he was going to score, and he called his shot before crossing the goal line. Wouldn’t you know it, he got tracked down from behind and tackled at the 3-yard line.

Two plays later Rose fumbled at the one and Ole Miss recovered. The Wildcats lost the game, 42-41.

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