It’s 4/20, and what a better way to celebrate than with Snoop Dogg and Lord Stanley? Though the rap legend probably won’t be singing any American or Canadian national anthems anytime soon, the NHL is hoping that hiphop icon and television personality can gin up some enthusiasm juice for the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The league has enlisted the self-proclaimed “Professor of Pucks” to relate to the sport’s more casual fans in a series of videos running during the Stanley Cup. In the first one, he explains hockey’s rules and rich history, and this week, in a second video you can see here, the Doggfather breaks down hockey terminology for the uninitiated.

Referring to himself as “Dogg Cherry,” an homage to NHL broadcasting legend Don Cherry, Snoop clarifies that in hockey, getting “stoned” has nothing to do with his favorite pastime (it’s when a goalie makes a spectacular save), and hitting the pipe isn’t just something that happens on his tour bus, but also it’s when a shooter rings the puck off the net post.

One thing that didn’t escape Snoop’s notice is that, whether it’s apples, pizza, lettuce, or muffins, much of hockey’s language seems to revolve around edibles.

“Whoever came up with this got the munchies, and I’m going to need to see y’all in the green room,” Snoop says in the latest episode.

Considering the buzz the videos are getting on social media, as well as the rapper’s ties with the NHL — he’s regularly seen at Anaheim Ducks games — maybe they will get Snoop to eventually sing the “Star-Spangled Banner” or “Oh, Canada” after all.

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