Tired of betting on the over/under and who will win the MVP of Sunday’s big game? Then click on the internet and peruse some of the Super Bowl 53 wacky wagers.

Mick Jaggar
Maroon 5 is the headliner of the Super Bowl halftime show and might get a special appearance from Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. (Image: Getty)

Sites like Bovada and BetDSI are not constrained by U.S. sportsbooks, and the offshore spots are limited only by their creativity. Some of the proposition wagers are humorous, such as “Will Billy McFarland be caught selling counterfeit tickets to the Super Bowl?” McFarland was convicted of fraud for promoting the Frye Festival, a musical event in the Bahamas where he defrauded investors and customers out of millions. While out on bail, he was arrested for selling fraudulent tickets to other music festivals like Burning Man.

While that tongue in cheek bet won’t get any action, plenty of others will. We take a look at some of the craziest, and tell you if it is worth putting some money down.

1. Fan Runs Onto the Field? 5/1

Security at the Super Bowl is incredible, with more than 40 law enforcement agencies on site. Public and private security companies inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be in the stands and on the field.

For someone to get onto the playing surface would take a minor miracle just to get there. The stands are elevated so jumping the 10 or so feet would attract immediate attention. The staircases are manned, so no chance getting to the field that way.

The 6/1 odds of someone doing it, are attractive, but it would be suicide for someone to try.

Don’t bet on fan runs onto field.

2. Mick Jagger Makes Halftime Appearance 3/1

Maroon 5 is the headliner of the halftime show and one of their songs is Moves Like Jagger, in reference to the famous Rolling Stones frontman. As flattering as the song is to Mick, would he really make an appearance at the Super Bowl?

It is possible, and promoters of the show have been teasing that special guests are likely to appear on stage. The halftime show’s lineup is rather weak, and Jagger popping up could give it a shot in the arm.

The band kicks off a US Tour in April, and this might just be the publicity stunt to energize it, though do the Rolling Stones really need press? No, but it would make a nice addition.

Bet on Mick Jagger to make halftime appearance.

3. President Trump Says War or Battle 2/1

CBS has done a pregame interview with President Donald Trump and it is assumed he will be talking about his favorite subjects at the moment, building a border wall and criticizing those in Congress that oppose him.

The chance of him saying the words war or battle are pretty good, and at 2/1, are might actually be said multiple times.

Bet on Trump to say war or battle.

4. Player Taking Knee During National Anthem 4/1

This is a pretty one-sided bet, since most of the Patriots are fans of President Trump, especially Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick. So then you have to go over to the Rams sideline to see if any of them would take a knee during the national anthem.

The Los Angeles players are not over political, and don’t really have any one that would use the game to make a statement. They are going to be focused on winning and don’t want the distraction.

Don’t bet on a player taking a knee during national anthem.

5. Less than $165.5 million Bet on Super Bowl in Nevada Even

It is ironic that there is a bet on how much will be bet on the Super Bowl in Nevada. Last year $158.6 million was bet on the game, so the amount is supposed to go up around $7 million this year.

There hasn’t been that much buzz about the betting like there was for Super Bowl 52. The incidents of big bets coming in at sportsbooks in Las Vegas is also down.

This Super Bowl might be a dud, betting wise.

Don’t bet on less than $165 million bet on Super Bowl in Nevada.

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