The Fortnite World Cup begins this weekend in New York City and Turner “Tfue” Tenney is probably the most notable qualifier battling it out for a $3 million first place prize in NYC. We compiled a complete list of World Cup qualifiers — 100 solo and 50 duos (teams).

Fortnite World Cup
New York City hosts the inaugural Fortnite World Cup. (Image: Epic Games)

Epic Games is throwing one heck of a bash at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Queens. The Fortnite World Cup will be hosted at Arthur Ashe stadium (home to the US Open).

The Fortnite World Cup was open to everyone in the universe 13-years and older. After ten weeks of qualifying rounds, the World Cup is set. Everyone who qualified for the World Cup won at least $50,000.

What is everyone playing for? Glory, fame, respect and cash. First place in solo pays out $3 million. That lucky player will be known as the top Fortnite player in the world. There’s a team category as well with 50 duos slugging it out to win $3 million for each team member. In total, over $30 million in prizes are up for grabs in NYC.

The World Cup kicks off on Friday with Day 1 action featuring a pro-am and battle of creatives. Poker pro and “Master Chef” finalist David Williams is among the notable “celebrities” participating in the pro-am. Plenty of pro athletes play Fortnite so who knows who else might show up to soak up the festivities. KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and members of the NY Knicks are all avid Fortnite players. Don’t forget about the Red Sox who actually banned Fortnite from the locker room until the busted out of a losing streak.

Solo Qualifiers

The Fortnite World Cup featured ten weeks of qualifiers with Duos and Solos switching off alternative weeks. The Solos qualified on odd weeks.

As everyone knows, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins failed to qualify for the World Cup. Popular streamer and esports pro Tfue secured his spot in Week 3.

The solo finals begin on Sunday at 1pm ET. Players will jump off the untz bus six times and battle in six games. The supreme champion will be determined by the player with the most points at the end of six matches. A victory is worth 10 points and only the top 15 finishers earn points. Knockouts are essential and worth a single point.

  • Week 1: Slaya, TOP_FaxFox, E11 Stompy, TQ Prisi0n3r0, NRG benjуfishу, hREDS BELAEU, Gambit.letw1k3, LeStream Naytou, DiegoGB uwu, Vitality DRG, CODE leleo, SEN Bughа, FaZe Dubs., Ghost Bizzle, TSM_Comadon, Liquid Vivid, 100T Ceice, C9 Snow., and Liquid Riversan.
  • Week 3: KNG Cat, ymqB_P0t, CR Ruri, DV1 luKi, RBK LeftEye, Fledermoys, BL Tchub, KNG CoreGamingg., Eon wakie, lolb0om, Secret_Domentos, SNG Lasers, kurtz, Tfue, MSF Clix, KNG Unknown, FaZe Funk, Nittle, CLG psalm, NRG EpikWhale, and KNG karhu.
  • Week 5: Link, T1 Peterpan, Atlantis Lеtshe, x-komAGO JARKOS, E11 Klusia, NRG MrSavageM, Ghost Issa, Snayzy, Fnatic smeef, TrainH BlastR., NRG Zayt, RogueShark_, RS kolorful., FaZe Megga., Envy Bucke, 100T Klass, C9 DK, 1400 Rhux UwU, and USE CODE PZUHS.
  • Week 7: twins iwnl, T1 Hood.J, T1 Ar1us, COOLER aqua, marteeneu, Erouce, TrainH Robabz, Skailereu, Solary Kinstaar, Atlantis K1nzell, Gambit.fwexY, RS Clarity, Reverse2k, Astоnish, Thiccboy Luneze, KNG Chenkinz, KNG Fatch., C9 Nicks, 9z k1ng, 1400 Pika, and 4DRStorm.
  • Week 9: sozman iwnl, nifuaM, MSF Endretta, VHV Crue, LeStream Skite, GL LYGHT, FaZe Mongraal, Εmqu, dMIND.teeq, LeStream Blaxou, MRKN Kawzmik, Touzii, LZR Legedien, CODE SEN-Aspect, LZR Hornet, LZR Kreo, Clipnode, 100T Arkhram1x, and TSM Herrions.

Duos Qualifiers

For the team category, 50 teams advanced to the finals or 100 players total. During the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, duos played on even weeks.

The finals for Duos begin on Saturday at 1pm ET. Similar to solo rules, duos in the Fortnite World Cup will slug it out in six matches. The team with the most points at the end will win. Duos earn 10 points for a victory and 1 point for each knockout.

  • Week 2: Warriors CoverH and Warriors Twizz, CR.bell btw and Scаrlet, NRG benjуfishу and NRG MrSavageM, FaZe Mongraal and mitr0, E11 Tschiiinken and E11 Stompy, Lootboy Mexe and Lootboy Skram, Lazarus Crimz and Sρades, MSF Clix and MSF Sceptic, Envy LeNain and LG Tyler15, C9 pfzin and C9 Nicks, 100T Arkhram1x and Bloom Falconer.
  • Week 4: Gambit.fwexY and Gammbit.letw1k3, COOLER Nyhrox and COOLER aqua, VHV Crue and VHV Chapix, GO Deadra and GO M11Z, NRG Zayt and Ghost Saf, Tempo Brush and Tempo CizLucky, Nate Hill and FaZe Funk, KNG Leno and KNG Barl.
  • Week 6: volx and parpy, NewbeeXXM-CN and, Solary Airwaks and Solary Nikof, Solary Hunter and Solary Kinstaar, NaVi Lnuef and NaVi Quinten, VP 7ssk7 and VP JAMSIDE, 100T Ceice and 100T Elevate, coL Lanjok and coL Punisher, FaZe Megga. and FaZe Dubs., wisheydp and GusTavox8, and KNG little and KNG Jay.
  • Week 8: E11 itemm and Derox, V Oslo and V BadSniper, COOLER 4zr and COOLER Noward, Eon RedRush and Eon znappy, Rogue Tetchra and Rogue Eclipsae, RoAtDW and E11 BlooTea, RS ronaldo. and RS XXiF, Ghost Sean and Ghost Aydan.
  • Week 10: from the village and hype iwnl, TriggerQQ Flame and TriggerQQ Uniq, LZR Wolfiez and LZR Rojo, LeStream Skite and LeStream Vato, FaZe Vorwenn and Atlantis Tuckz, E11 Klusia and SNG Th0masHD, Slackes and KeysFN, TSM_Zexrow and TSM.Vinny1x, yung calculator and coL MackWood, 9z хown and 9z kıng, NRG EpikWhale and 4DRStorm.


There’s multiple ways on how to watch the Fornite World Cup. You can sweat the celebrity pro-am and Day 1 action here:

Watch Day 2 action with the Duo Finals here:

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