LeBron James has won three NBA championships, and is contemplating what team he wants to join to try and get another. How many titles could James win before his career is over?

LeBron James
LeBron James, right, is rumored to join Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers next year. (Image: Getty)

The internet sportsbook 5dimes has put that number at six or more. The favorite at -2600 is that he fails to reach that mark, while achieving as many as his idol Michael Jordan is at +1200.

James has been to nine NBA Finals and won a third of them. Those who weigh in on the James vs. Jordan debate, are quick to point out that Jordan went to six finals and won every one he played in.

Despite only winning three of nine chances in the finals, James believes that is a positive, not a negative.

I think it’s gonnabe great for my legacy, James said to reporters before the start of this years NBA Finals. Once I’m done playing the game, when we look back on the game, and wesay, ‘Oh, this guy went to three straight finals, four straight finals, five, six, whatever, seven.’ I think it’s great to be talked about, to see what I’ve been able to accomplish as an individual. You talk about longevity and being able to just play at a high level for a long period of time, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to do that.

Picking Team Crucial to Winning

Experts, though, will also point out that Jordan won all of his titles with one team, the Chicago Bulls. James left Cleveland to go to Miami to win two titles, then returned to the Cavaliers to get another.

James is probably going to have to leave again if he is going to win any more Larry OBrien Trophies. He is in the process of listening to teams pitch their virtues, but has said other factors besides the team will affect his decision.

I want to continue to win at the highest level, because I know I can still do it as an individual, and then my family, James said. My family is whats most important to me, more than anything.”

BetOnline has the Los Angeles Lakers the favorite at -150, with the Philadelphia 76ers at +450.

Time Running Out

While James looked almost invincible in this years playoffs, he is 32 and realistically has about six years remaining in his career. If he is going to win three more championships, he would have to win three in six years.

That seems unlikely in the near future with how dominant the Golden State Warriors have been. They have won three of the last four years and are the favorites to win again next season.

Going to Los Angeles would be his best opportunity to pick up another ring, especially if Paul George joins him, as is expected. George is from the Los Angeles area and wants to return to his hometown.

Regardless of where James ends up, he will be facing a dynasty in the Warriors that have beaten James three times.

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