Monthly Archives: April, 2017

Raiders Will Make Some Draft Picks From Las Vegas Sign

In keeping with a town that thrives on innovative promotions, the Oakland Raiders will be holding its Day 3 draft […]

NFL Draft Provides Unique Betting Opportunities on Players

While the consensus No. 1 pick in this year’s NFL Draft is Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett at minus-1000, there […]

Money Figures Flying, But Mayweather-McGregor Match Still Grounded

The talking continues at a furious pace and the money mentioned keeps going higher, but so far there is no […]

NHL Favorites Struggling in Playoffs, Driving Bettors Crazy

It’s tough to be a Chicago Blackhawks or Washington Capitals fan right now. The two top teams are not acting […]

New Jersey Lawyers Visit Washington D.C. to Make Case for Sports Betting

New Jersey lawyers are pinning their hopes on a meeting with the US solicitor general to get a federal ban […]

Internet Wagering on NFL Draft Still Better Bet than Sportsbook

When Nevada sportsbooks announced Monday that they had been given approval to allow betting on the NFL Draft, it seemed […]

Football Fans Voice Support For Legalizing Sports Betting

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell might not want sports betting legalized but football fans certainly seem to. A Morning Consult Poll […]

Golfers Attempt to be Masters of Their Domain in Major Championship

Logic would dictate that one of the top three picks to win golf’s Masters would come through, but rational thought […]