A Sports Bettors Guide to Thanksgiving Week Football

on November 26, 2015
Thanksgiving football betting.

There are many football games worth betting on this Thanksgiving weekend. (Image: Baconsports.com)

The only thing better than stuffing your face full of turkey this weekend is watching football.

Everyone watches football during Thanksgiving, and millions bet on the games.

There are so many great games this weekend, so it’s hard to decide which games to get down on. But fear not, we have you covered.

NFL Thanksgiving Day Games

Thanksgiving Day features three uninteresting games that will require action on the games to make them worth watching, unless you’re a fan of the teams.

12:30 PM EST on Fox (Philadelphia at Detroit):  The Lions are a traditional Thanksgiving Day team with a tradition-lacking history. Detroit is having yet another miserable season and will butt heads with an Eagles team that has been a disappointment. Bet big on this game or there isn’t a point to watching.

4:30 PM EST on CBS (Carolina at Dallas):  This is a battle of a surprise Carolina team against a Cowboys squad that gave up weeks ago. The only way to make this one watchable unless you’re only of the many insufferable Cowboys fans is a fifth of Vodka or a $1000 wager. Your choice.

8:30 PM EST on NBC (Chicago at Green Bay):  One of the best rivalries in the NFL has lost its luster this year with Chicago being mediocre and Green Bay collapsing in recent weeks. Still, it’s a somewhat intriguing game that would be entertaining with some action on it.

College Football Thanksgiving and Black Friday Games

Gambling makes every game more enjoyable, but there are actually some interesting college football games on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.

Avoid the annoying family conversations on Thursday and the massive crowds at the mall by watching and wagering on these games:

Texas Tech at Texas (Thursday, 7:30 PM EST on FS1):  These are bad teams. Real bad teams, especially Texas. But it’s still Texas. Any time the Longhorns are involved, parts of the game is worth viewing if you don’t succumb to a turkey coma.

Navy at Houston (Friday, Noon EST on ABC/ESPN2):  Navy and Houston are about as relevant in the college football world as RC Cola is to the soda industry. But these teams are actually quite good this year and should make for an intriguing mid-major matchup. (Note:  bet BIG on Houston).

Iowa at Nebraska (Friday, 3:30 PM EST on ABC):  The Hawkeyes look to stay in the College Football Playoff race, but must hold off a stiff test against rival Nebraska. The Huskers are getting love from the handicappers in this game, but you shouldn’t fall for the trap. Bet heavy on Iowa. They’re the better team.

Football, family, gambling, and turkey. What more could you ask for this Thanksgiving weekend?