Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: How to Bet on the Decade’s Biggest Fight 

on April 2, 2015
Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao boxing

With millions of dollars on the line for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, the contest is likely to be one of the most colossal fights in the history of boxing. (Image:

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, the biggest contest of the century thus far, put gloves on exactly one month from today, with the match shaping up to be in the same league as Ali-Frazier, at least on paper.

The welterweight superfight will become the richest match in the history of the sport, with revenues expected to gross upwards of $400 million when the two champs square off on May 2nd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is the current pound for pound king and has amassed an astonishing fortune through his self-promoting style, making his fights can’t miss affairs.

Manny Pacquiao was on top of the fight game when this fight was first mentioned as a possibility about five years ago, but since then he has suffered two losses.

One was a knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez, and the other a highly controversial decision loss to Timothy Bradley that he would later avenge in a dominating fashion.

Weathering Odds

If you’re one of the millions around the world interested in placing a wager on the fight, the decision on who to choose is rather difficult.

Here’s the pre-fight tale of the tape:

Floyd Mayweather                  Manny Pacquiao 

5′ 8″ 147 lbs.                              5′ 6.5″ 147 lbs.

47-0 (26 KO)                            57-5-2 (38 KO)

Orthodox                                       Southpaw

The years in the making event opened with odds largely in Money Mayweather’s favor, but Pacquiao’s chances have shortened considerably over the last month due to bettors finding Pacman’s underdog positioning as an attractive wager.

Predictions in sports are often dangerous, especially considering a game that involves two legends who are 38 and 36 years of age, not exactly young for boxing. That being said, with millions of dollars on the fight, predictions are inevitable.

Who’ll Win

Aggression: Mayweather is a master of forcing his challenger to fight at his pace, but that might not be the case with Pacquiao. Money hasn’t faced anyone with Pacman’s combination of speed and power during his undefeated career.

In a 12-round slog fest that’s expected to be incredibly close, judges could favor Pacquiao’s aggressiveness in the late rounds. However, Mayweather often allows his opponents to simply defeat themselves, allowing them to throw as many punches as they like while fighting them off and ultimately sustaining more energy for a knock-out punch in the late rounds.

Adaptability: Previous losers to Pacquiao have stated his variety of punch angles and quickness was simply too difficult to overcome. But Mayweather knows a thing or two about in-ring adaptability, often switching styles to confuse his opponent by presenting a new style.

Chin: One of Manny’s strengths is the ability to land a hard blow and immediately follow it up with another jab, though many boxing insiders believe Floyd’s chin is underrated. Should Money be able to shake off a clean blow, that will certainly be a first for Pacquiao and come as a surprise.

Smart Money: Yes, Pacquiao will throw more punches, but he’s much less efficient than his counterpart’s pinpoint accuracy. Boxing journalists believe Mayweather might hit the deck, but he won’t be knocked out according to the majority of experts.

In fact, the smart money is on Money Mayweather to win by judges’ decision. But for those who enjoy the gamble, Manny’s possible upset could be worth the risk.

One Record After Another

The night is a sure bet for both fighters as Mayweather and Pacquiao stand to receive a $120 million and $80 million respective payday from their 60-40 split agreement, making it the biggest single cashing for any professional athlete ever.

Total gross revenue will all depend on how many television sets HBO and Showtime bring in at $99 a pop for high-def, a record-setting ask by any TV distributor.

With the price set at $100 just to watch it on television, you might as well just go to the bout itself, right? Not so fast. Ticket prices, like everything else regarding this affair, will be monumental.

Price & Number of tickets

$10,000 1,100

$7,500 2,500

$5,000 2,500

$3,500 4,000

$2,500 2,500

$1,500 2,500

Of course, good luck trying to land one of those tickets at its list price as they will be quickly snagged up by brokers who will re-sell them at absurd prices possibly upwards of $90,000 for a ringside seat. “It’s crazy, but it is what it is,” Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter said.

Crazy indeed. Let’s just hope the fight lives up to the hype.