Dan Bilzerian Arrested for Possession of Explosive Material

on December 11, 2014
Dan Bilzerian arrested bomb charge

Dan Bilzerian is best known for his Instagram account, in which he has shared accounts of his lavish lifestyle with millions of followers. (Image: BoldRide.com)

Dan Bilzerian, the poker player, actor, and social-media superstar known as the “King of Instagram,” was arrested late on Tuesday when a flight he was on landed at Los Angeles International Airport.

Bilzerian was arrested on charges of possessing bomb-making materials based on a warrant that had been issued out of Clark County, Nevada.

The warrant appeared to be connected to an investigation by Las Vegas Metro Police on November 4. In that incident, police looked into a field of debris that was left behind in a remote desert area after an explosion.

That apparently led to a warrant issued on November 13, though it remained under seal, likely to keep the ongoing investigation a secret.

Bilzerian Had Components for Explosive Material

According to a report by TMZ, the criminal complaint against Bilzerian alleges that he possessed ammonium, aluminum powder and ammonium nitrate mix, components that can be combined to make an explosive compound.

Some have suggested that Bilzerian could have used those ingredients to create a product similar to Tannerite, a substance typically used to create exploding targets for firearms demonstrations.

Certainly, Bilzerian was no stranger to such demonstrations. His Instagram account was well known for featuring displays of heavy weaponry, including one video in which he ran over a car using a tank.

Bilzerian also has a military history, as he was in training to become a Navy SEAL, though he dropped out of the program before completing it.

Bilzerian and another man, Jeremy Guymon, both face felony charges for possession of components of an explosive or incendiary device with intent to manufacture.

That charge could result in up to six years in jail. Initially, Bilzerian was reportedly being held without bail; however, it appears as though he was released by Wednesday afternoon.

Bilzerian Represented by David Chesnoff

Bilzerian and Guymon are expected to make an appearance in Las Vegas Justice Court on January 9.

Bilzerian is being represented by lawyer David Chesnoff, who may be best known in gambling circles for also defending Paul and Darren Phua in their ongoing legal battle over the sports betting ring they allegedly operated out of a Caesars Palace villa.

According to Chesnoff, he has yet to meet with Bilzerian, but plans to investigate the charges.”We’re looking forward to having this resolved in court,” said Chesnoff.

Bilzerian is a trust fund millionaire who has become an extremely popular social media personality, often showing off a lavish lifestyle filled with cars, private jets, big weapons and beautiful women on his Instagram account.

He has also made some waves in the gambling community: he made a deep run in the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event, and has reportedly played in some big money underground poker games with actors and other celebrities.

In recent months, however, Bilzerian has also had to deal with his fair share of legal issues. In May, he found himself in a dispute with porn star Janice Griffith after he threw her off a roof as a part of a Hustler magazine photo shoot.

Griffith was supposed to land in a pool, but instead hit the ground and injured her foot. Then, in August, Bilzerian kicked a woman in the face during a brawl and was banned from a Miami nightclub as a result.