Play in the Poker Bowl with Bovada!

on September 14, 2014

Pick a side and hit the green. Bank player and team rewards during the NFL regular season and up your chances of winning a $15K Super Bowl Prize Package.

bovada poker bowl promotion

NFL is officially back! After just one week of action-packed games, it’s clear the 2014 NFL season is going to be a great one. So why not celebrate with a little help from Bovada? If you enjoy playing online poker as much as you like watching NFL, this promotion will be right up your alley!

Pick your team, hit the green, and start playing your way to a $15,000 Super Bowl Prize Package. Throughout the NFL regular season, (September 1 to December 28), the Poker Bowl gives you the chance to bank player and team rewards. All you need to do is join one of the Poker Bowl teams (one for each division, so eight total) at Bovada’s promotional page, download the poker software, check out your weekly objectives, and play poker!

Note: You must be subscribed to promotional e-mails to be eligible for any rewards. Once a player has joined one team, they cannot switch to another.

The $15K Super Bowl Prize Package

How to Play:

  • Join one of the eight Poker Bowl teams.
  • Complete objectives to score player rewards, to help your team get to the weekly $5K Pro Bowl Freeroll and to help your team move up the standings.
  • Win your playoff matches in week 15 to 17 and get your team to the $20K Super Bowl Freeroll.
  • Win the $20K Super Bowl Freeroll on January 2 to land the $15K Super Bowl Prize Package.

Here’s what’s in the $15K Super Bowl Prize Package:

  • Two tickets to Super Bowl XLIX on February 1, 2015.
  • Three-night hotel stay in Arizona (January 30 to February 2).
  • Cash for travel and spending (approximately $3K).
  • Access to exclusive events.

After you’ve chosen which team to represent, check out Bovada’s weekly objectives and rewards for you to complete. The standings page will be updated every Thursday so you can monitor your team’s progress.

bovada poker bowl objective table

By completing a weekly objective, you’ll get that week’s individual reward. You’ll also get a touchdown (seven points) for your team. You can get one individual reward per week, but an unlimited number of touchdowns. At the end of the week, the team with the highest average points per player will get that week’s team reward, which is entry to the $5K Pro Bowl Freeroll the following Friday at 9:05 PM ET.

Starting December 7, Bovada will move into the Poker Bowl Playoffs. Teams will be seeded based on their regular season record and go head-to-head in week 15, with four teams advancing to week 16 and two teams advancing to week 17. At the end of it all, the team that wins the week 17 matchup will get entry to the $20K Super Bowl Freeroll, where the winner will get a $15K Super Bowl Prize Package.

This is an amazing and fun competition for fans of both NFL and online poker. Feel the team comradery as you help your chosen division earn the most points and rise through the ranks – just like the real NFL teams! Open your real money account at Bovada today to participate.

Play in the Poker Bowl with Bovada!
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Play in the Poker Bowl with Bovada!
Pick a side and hit the green at Bovada. Bank rewards during the NFL regular season and up your chances of winning a $15K Super Bowl Prize Package.