Check Out Bonus Bingo at Silver Oak Casino!

on June 8, 2014

If you’re looking to spice up your online casino play this weekend, why not try something strange and unusual at Silver Oak?

specialty-games-bonus-bingo-lg-1 Bonus Bingo offers players a lot more than traditional Bingo. It offers more fun, more bonuses, and more chances of winning. It also means more patterns and multipliers to win big. You will never want to play Bingo without the Bonus again.

Bonus Bingo, an online variation of Bingo, is perhaps the fastest and easiest to play among online specialty games. It is played using standard 5X5 Bingo cards. During the game, the computer randomly draws 44 balls and matches your cards with various patterns on the game board. If your cards match with the patterns, you win!

To play Bonus Bingo, the computer automatically selects 4 cards and places a bet of a nickel per card for you. You can change your bet and the number of cards by clicking them to turn them on or off. Click Play. The computer will randomly pick 44 balls and cover the matching numbers on your cards. If the pattern of covered numbers matches with any of the patterns on the game board, you win.

You can change your cards before each play. Click the Change Cards button to get a new set of cards. When you click the Change Cards button, all your cards are changed even if they are turned off.

You win when any of your cards match a pattern indicated on the game board.

specialty-games-bonus-bingo-lg-2Bonus Bingo has a lot of features to make the game more interesting and rewarding. The patterns that you play and win on carry different payouts depending on your wager. The game awards you multipliers to double or triple your win on a card. The Bonus balls feature fetch additional rewards and a chance to play the bonus round.

You could be awarded with a multiplier when you hit the Play button. Once you receive a multiplier, select one of your cards to use the multiplier on. 2x doubles the amount won on a card, and 3x triples the amount.

Sometimes the numbers on a card are covered in such a way that multiple patterns are formed. If those patterns don’t overlap, you get the prize associated with each pattern. For example, if you bet $1 and play with all 4 cards, a combination of the 3L and Four Corners patterns, would win you a combined prize of $10.50 ($10.00 + $0.50).

If those patterns overlap, you get the prize associated with the overlapping pattern. For example, if you bet $1 and play with all 4 cards, a combination of the Four Corners and Letter X would win you $2 because the Letter X pattern overlaps Four Corners.

Check out Bonus Bingo at Silver Oak right now. Make sure you claim this bonus before you play to give yourself more chances of winning: deposit $50 and get an additional $100 free with coupon code: SILVEROAK1.

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Bonus Bingo at Silver Oak Casino
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