Bonus Bingo at Slots Jungle!

on January 23, 2014

If you’re a fan of lottery-style gambling but find it hard to remember to get down to the local news agency to pick up your weekly ticket, be sure to head over to Slots Jungle this week and try out Bonus Bingo!

From the moment a game of Bonus Bingo loads at Slots Jungle, it’s clear there is a lot going on and there are several fun and unique ways to win. Displayed over a huge, easy to follow game board are numbers 1 through 80, as well as a basket (located off screen) filled with corresponding balls, much like any other bingo game.

Throughout each game, 20 numbered balls will be randomly drawn from the basket and will award prizes in line with 2-10 numbers selected by the player at the beginning of the round.

The ‘Bonus’ segment of this great game is then invoked, allowing the player the option of selecting two more numbers for a small additional fee that if found, can mean the difference between a loss and a huge win!

Essentially, the overall goal of Bonus Bingo at Slots Jungle is to accumulate as many ‘hits’ as possible in line with the active Payout schedule. The Payout schedule incorporates a huge range of possibilities, making it fun to play and more like that you’ll win something!

The largest possibility, for example, is an incredible 10,000 times your initial wager if you selected 10 balls and all are hit! For smaller bets, for example four numbers and four hits, a smaller (yet still lucrative) return of 64 times is awarded.

Ball selection can start from as few as two, meaning literally any online gambling fan with any sized bank roll can play and give themselves the chance of winning big!

Bingo has been a casino favourite for decades, however is feeling new life since the explosion of leading online casinos! To try Bonus Bingo and give yourself the chance of winning 10,000 times your bet, head over and sign up at Slots Jungle today!