2019's Top Gambling Sites in New Zealand

New Zealanders are well known for their love of pokies, although their passion for games of chance does not end there. The thriving industry plays host to a number of land-based casinos, traditional sports betting houses, real money online betting sites, and more. With so many options open to you, choosing a new place to build a bankroll can be challenging. That is why we've carefully vetted only the best online gambling sites New Zealand has to offer.

Our top pick of Ruby Fortune is the best example of overall quality, while all online casinos on our recommended list are guaranteed to offer you:

  • The best promotions and welcome bonuses
  • The widest range of gaming options
  • The quickest and easiest withdrawals and deposits over the widest range of banking options
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A Brief History of Gambling in New Zealand

While still being relatively new to the industry, the past 20 years have seen the gambling industry truly bloom in New Zealand following the opening of the first major brick and mortar casinos in 1994. And now, gambling is a big part of the societal makeup. 2019 is sure to see a greater increase in activity as New Zealand continues to grow as a tourist destination. Today the industry is made up of both land-based and real money online casinos and sports betting sites, with 24/7 support taking gambling to new heights.

Gambling in New Zealand Today

Live casino and online gambling is a huge part of the New Zealand culture today. New Zealand residents spend more than $2 billion per year on gambling, and about 40% are believed to gamble every week. The most popular forms include racing sports betting, lotteries, non-casino gaming machines, and casino gambling with Online Pokies, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Craps proving the most popular of the casino-style games and bringing in the bulk of the revenue.

In 2017, gamblers in New Zealand spent an additional $100 million more than the prior year. There has been a continued growth over the past seven years, and the majority of the increase has been at land-based casinos. This is great news for any new investors and has truly allowed the industry to expand and offer its players better and better gambling options in the form of both online and offline services.

Sports Betting Fixtures to Watch

When it comes to New Zealand online gambling and sports betting specifically, there are a number of go-to events to keep an eye on if you are interested in building your bankroll quickly and easily. These events include the Australian Football A-League as well as the rugby and football World Cups, which bring in huge numbers of bettors each year. Supporting their Australian neighbours, the Ashes series between Australia and England’s cricketing sides is another guaranteed win when it comes to placing bets. Another hugely popular sport to bet on is horse racing, which sees events such as the New Zealand Cup drawing huge numbers of bettors to both land-based and online sports betting sites in the country.

We Have Vetted the Best Online Gambling Sites

As online and mobile gambling becomes more and more popular, due to its convenience, choosing a site to deposit your money at can be challenging, but it need not be. Our betting experts have been hard at work vetting on the most reputable, trusted online gambling sites, New Zealand sports betting sites and mobile casinos so that you are guaranteed a safe and enjoyable experience the next time you choose to gamble online. Don’t believe us? Check out our list of New Zealand online casino reviews for a closer look at our top offerings.

All of the sites on our lists of recommended online gambling sites are guaranteed to provide the following:

  • The widest range of games and betting opportunities to suit all tastes
  • The fastest payouts and the biggest range of banking options for convenient deposits and withdrawals
  • The best bonuses and promotions to kick start your bankroll
  • The best online security and encryption to ensure your personal details stay personal
  • 24/7 customer service for all your online gambling needs

Gambling Goes Mobile

While online gambling is gaining traction among New Zealand audiences, it is mobile gambling in particular that is truly the way of the future when it comes to convenience and being on-the-go. As technology gets better, so too do the experiences possible on a mobile device, from applications on your iOS, Windows or Android device to HTML-5 based sites that can be accessed directly from your phone’s browser. There really is no easier way to gamble than with the device already in your pocket.

Whether you are using your iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Nokia Lumia or any other portable device with an internet connection, there is sure to be a number of online and mobile gambling options open to you.

Tricks and Tips to Building Your Bankroll

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a complete newcomer to the online gambling world, placing your wager on the latest New Zealand betting sites can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With just these few betting hints and tips, you too can be well on the way to building your own betting bankroll.

  • Understanding the Basics - no matter what the field, knowing the basics before placing any bet is key in making your money work for you. Be sure to browse through some in depth guides that focus on your particular sport before placing any wagers to boost your chance of making an educated and successful bet
  • Broaden Your Horizons - don’t only bet at a single online betting site, make sure you look at online betting sites comparisons and compare lines and odds to make sure your bet is the best possible
  • Draw up a Budget - an essential factor in enjoying gambling is to never spend more than you can afford at the waging tables. Draw up a budget and stick to it
  • Research and Place Selective Bets - don’t bet blind, making a few smart and well-researched wagers can potentially earn you more than many smaller, less informed wagers
  • Use Bonuses and Promotions as Often as Possible - building your bankroll is a lengthy process and any bonuses or promotions that can boost your winnings are important if you want to get the most out of the betting experience

We’ve Given you the Skills to Succeed

From a brief look at the history of gambling in New Zealand, to how we chose the best sites to be featured on our real money online gambling site lists, and how best to boost your chances of a big win, we have equipped you with the skills needed to start building your own, successful bankroll. Whether your taste lies in the latest New Zealand betting sites, or mobile casinos, there is sure to be a site for you on our recommended lists so be sure to check them out and start building your bankroll today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of gambling are popular in New Zealand?

    While most forms of gambling are popular in the country, online pokies and other traditional casino-style games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette and poker remain favourites among New Zealand online casino frequenters. New Zealand online bookmakers also see frequent traffic with many real money sites offering both casino style games as well as sports wagers on a broad range of both local and international fixtures.

  • What is New Zealand's gambling age?

    The minimum legal age to play the lottery or bet on sports in New Zealand is 18. The minimum age to play in a land-based casino is 20.

  • What are the best online gambling sites?

    The best real money online gambling New Zealand based sites are licensed and regulated to ensure the best business practices are adhered to. These sites must allow you to easily deposit and withdraw funds with little delay and through a range of banking options. Head over to our list of recommended online gambling sites where you are guaranteed to find only the most reputable sites offering the best security, best payment options and the best bonuses available to our New Zealand audiences.

  • Where can I read online gambling reviews?

    Our experts have collected the best range of independently ranked reviews for our New Zealand based audience with all of the sites on our list guaranteed to provide only the best gambling experience. Check out our review tab today and make the smart choice when choosing your next online gambling site.

  • Can I make bets in New Zealand dollars?

    Of course! The best and most reputable online casinos and sports betting sites all accept NZD as a currency, with no additional currency conversion charges for deposits and withdrawals made.

  • What sort of bonuses do New Zealanders get for gambling?

    While bonuses and promotions vary from site to site, the best bonuses available to New Zealand real cash online casino patrons include welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, cashback offers, enhanced odds and more.


Top Land-Based Casinos in New Zealand

There are currently six land-based casinos in operation in New Zealand

SKYCITY Queenstown - Logo
SKYCITY Queenstown
16-24 Beach Street, Queenstown, New Zealand
+64 03 441 0400
SKYCITY Hamilton - Logo
SKYCITY Hamilton
346 Victoria Street, Hamilton 3204, New Zealand
+64 7834 4900
SKYCITY Auckland - Logo
SKYCITY Auckland
Victoria and Federal Street, Auckland, New Zealand
0800 759 2489
Dunedin Casino - Logo
Dunedin Casino
118 High Street, Dunedin, Otago 9016, New Zealand
0800 477 4545
Christchurch Casino - logo
Christchurch Casino
30 Victoria Street, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand
+64 3365 9999
Lasseters Wharf Casino - Logo
Lasseters Wharf Casino
88 Beach Street, Steamer Wharf, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand
+64 3441 1495

Problem Gambling - Getting Help in New Zealand

If you suspect yourself or someone you know of having a problem with gambling, we advise you seek immediate assistance:

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