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Play for real money from everywhere from your iPad

The idea of a pad-type computer has been with us in the form of science fiction for over 100 years now, but it was not until the launch of the iPad in 2010 that science fiction truly became science fact. Now the iPads are a ubiquitous device used by customers of all ages, from toddlers to pensioners, and these handy devices have proved to be a great way to access the internet. The world of online gambling has been paying attention to the rise of the iPad and other similar tablets, which is why most online casino games these days are designed to be compatible with handheld devices as well as the more traditional computers. is an example of an online gambling site with a focus on delivering a high quality product with iPad users in mind. They boast an impressive range of compatible games bolstered by a reputation for customer service and fair play.

Some noteworthy features of this online gambling site include:

  • Commitment to fast and friendly customer service
  • Punctual turnaround on withdrawal requests
  • Range of new and classic games ideally suited for iPad use
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Online Gambling with iPad

Win tournaments on your iPad

Many players around the world now use the iPad for gambling online as it has proved to be such a flexible and accommodating means to access the internet. Game providers are fully aware that more people are using online gambling sites in the same way, which is why modern slot and casino table games are designed with mobile devices such as the iPad in mind. Touch screen technology has become integral to a number of games, where bonus features can be played using swiping motions rather than the click and point method required of most desktop devices. This allows iPad users of online gambling sites to enjoy an enhanced game playing experience. Our casinos feature a number of games which are perfectly adapted to the iPad and other tablet and mobile devices, which is why it is our number one pick for iPad users.

Fast and Secure Payouts

One of the primary concerns of anybody who uses online gambling sites is that any money they invest in such a site is held securely, and that there are no unnecessary delays when it comes time to pay out their winnings. Our top rated casino ticks all the boxes in this regard, as they are committed to providing excellent customer service, including prompt and hassle-free withdrawals for their customers. Here we only recommend online gambling sites that conform to the highest standards of customer safety, and our rated casinos are no exception, using the latest encrypted software to ensure that all their customers’ private information stays under lock and key.

Playing on the Go

Play slots on iPad

The days when playing real money casino games involved a pricey trip to the nearest brick and mortar casinos – if such a place even existed – seem a long way away today. These days you can enjoy the thrills and excitement of real money online gambling on the device you carry in your pocket or bag, as mobile friendly online casinos are everywhere. More and more of us prefer to use our phones to spin the reels or test our skills at the blackjack table, and of course the iPad is an ideal means to access online gambling sites. All the fun of real money casino gaming action is just a click and a swipe away, and who knows what further advances the future will bring?

Visit the Best iPad Online Gambling Sites

For many people an iPad is the only device they ever use for accessing the internet, and that goes for online gambling sites too. Our recommended online gambling site is an example of one of the generation of highly rated online casinos which cater for just such a market by providing a portfolio of iPad friendly games on their site. While some sites focus primarily on their desktop facing clientele, online casinos today very much have tablet users in mind when it comes to the range of games available at their site. If you are one of those iPad users then you may find a visit to our top-rated casinos to be a very rewarding experience.

  • We only recommend online gambling sites that conform to the highest standards of customer safety

  • Can I play on the iPad?

    Absolutely! Many online casinos offer apps specifically designed for iPad users.

  • How do I start?

    Simply go to the App Store and do a search for your favorite online casino to see if they offer an app for you to download on your iPad. If they don’t, try another online casino or access that casino via your mobile browser.

    Once you have an app downloaded, either log in or register at the casino and then start playing right away.

  • What games are popular on mobile?

    Slot machine games, poker, and blackjack are popular on mobile because they are easy and straightforward. Many online casinos offer a limited selection of games on mobile, and these are usually slot machine games and the most common table games like poker and blackjack.

  • Should I use casino sites or apps?

    It is up to you, but apps are generally easier to navigate and use because they are designed for convenience on your iPad. Mobile-friendly browsers at some online casinos may be slow-loading and awkward to navigate.

  • How does it compare to other platforms?

    Due to the fact that the iPad’s screen is larger than a iPhone’s or that of any other mobile smartphone, an iPad may be the best mobile option when it comes to online gambling on the go. Also, apps specifically designed for iPads usually come with more features and better graphics than apps designed for smartphones.

  • Is it safe to play on mobile?

    Yes. If your online gambling account at an online casino comes with personal details, such as sensitive banking information, it might be smart to password protect your phone in case it gets stolen. Also, ensure that your iPad is connected to a secure internet network. Besides that, your sensitive mobile gambling information will be kept safe by the online casino.

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