The World of Live Dealer Baccarat

Live Dealer Baccarat

For many years baccarat has been the game of choice for high rollers and professional gamblers, because of its fast game play and low house edge. A lot of newcomers are put off by the complicated seeming rules but in fact nothing could be simpler than this fast paced game, and with live dealer baccarat available on many online gambling sites to increase the excitement it is a game worthy of further investigation. Our top pick for live dealer baccarat is, where trained professional dealers and live HD streaming allow you to enjoy this venerable casino gable game. There are plenty of good reasons to make this the baccarat destination of your choice.

Why choose our top listed casinos above the rest:

  • Attractive bonus offers for new and existing clients
  • High quality customer support
  • Complete security and fairness are a guarantee
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Live Dealer Baccarat for Online Gambling

Live Dealer Baccarat Online

The game of live dealer baccarat is off-putting at first sight because of the strangely marked table and the lack of name recognition that players have with more familiar games like blackjack and roulette. In actual fact the game could not be simpler, since at its core all that is required is for you to bet whether the ‘banker’ or the ‘player’ will win in a head to head game. The odds are very evenly split as to which side will come out on top, so intuition plays a role as well as looking at how past hands have played out. Live dealer baccarat is a favourite with big money players because the house edge is very small when compared with many other games and the games themselves are fast to allow for more betting opportunities.

Take the Pain out of Payments

The top casinos listed on these pages offer a great environment for live dealer baccarat play, and they make it nice and simple to deposit and withdraw as well. Payment methods like debit and credit cards as well as money transfer and electronic wallets are all available, and both deposits and withdrawals are processed speedily and without fuss. Nobody likes unnecessary delays when waiting for their funds to arrive, but our chosen sites make the payout process as painless as possible, and their customer support team is always available to assist with any queries about the process you may have.

Any Place, Any Time

Any Place, Any Time

The smart phone is the number one way worldwide that people access the internet in 2018, so it is naturally very important that any modern online gambling site is able to offer a quality mobile product. Our top rated casinos certainly deliver in that respect as they offer a wide range of games in mobile friendly format, whether you are using an Apple, Android, Windows, or Blackberry smart phone or tablet. Mobile online gambling at the live dealer baccarat tables is not a problem at our top picks for online gaming where you will get to experience all of the action on the smaller screen without losing any of the excitement.

A Gambling Site You Can Trust

Here we will not recommend an online gambling site unless they meet the highest standards of fairness and security. The games on our top sites are all independently checked and verified at regular intervals by recognized testing labs to ensure that payouts are always fair and correct. Client funds are held in separate bank accounts to make sure that your funds are always safe and meanwhile your private information stays that way thanks to the latest encrypted software.

Enjoy This Casino Classic

If you have been dissuaded from playing live dealer baccarat because the game rules were unfamiliar, then it is most certainly worth investing a few minutes of your time in figuring out the basics. There is a good reason why high rollers prefer to wager large sums on this classic casino table game, and that is because the low house edge means a better potential winning percentage for the player. Pay a visit to the live dealer baccarat tables where you can start playing for low stakes until you figure out what this storied game is all about. And who knows, live dealer baccarat may just become your casino game of choice.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does live dealer baccarat work?

    From your computer at home, you can see a real baccarat table with a real baccarat dealer through a live feed. You can make your bets electronically as you would at an online baccarat table, and the dealer will see your bets and react accordingly.

  • Where can I find it?

    Does your online casino have live dealer games? If so, visit their lobby and see if they offer live dealer baccarat games. There is usually a section of the online casino you have to visit to see all the live dealer games.

  • How does it compare to standard baccarat?

    Live dealer baccarat is quite similar to playing baccarat at a land-based casino. You can interact with the dealer and the other players at the table. You can ask the dealer questions, tip the dealer, and benefit from human interaction all from the comfort of your home. The only difference is that you can’t feel the chips in your hand or enjoy the lively ambience that comes with a land-based casino.

  • Can I use a strategy?

    You may use a strategy just like you would at a live casino.

  • Can I play on a mobile?

    Yes, you can. Most reputable online casinos that offer live dealer games have those games available on their mobile apps or in-browser mobile casinos. However, always ensure that the internet connection connected to your mobile device is reliable, steady, and high-speed because your game can be ruined if the live streaming video lags or cuts off due to a poor internet connection.

  • Is it fixed?

    No. Each table comes with an automatic shuffler just like the ones you would find at a regular live casino. Live dealer baccarat games follow the same security protocols and practices as the online casino games and live casino games do.

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