The Best Online Gambling on Linux in 2018

Online Gambling with Linux

Linux users looking to do some real money online gambling have historically been at a disadvantage. Online casinos clearly favored Windows PC users in the early days. Even today, the more compelling PC and mobile device markets can have new sites less focused on Linux computers when opening their virtual doors.

However, the opportunities for real money online gambling for Linux users are better than ever. Adobe Flash and "no download" web interfaces bring a satisfying online casino experience to Linux.

In 2018, there's no better source for the best Linux-friendly, real money online gambling sites and for general Linux online casino information than

Here's what's so great about our top online Linux casinos:

  • The fastest payouts and deposits
  • Massive range of casino games
  • Daily and weekly promotional rewards
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The right Linux Environment

Is Your Linux Environment Up to Snuff?

All Linux online gambling is done in either an Adobe Flash application or a "no download" interface. Both options run in your web browser. The cornerstone of your Linux online gambling environment for both is thus:

  • A reasonably modern and easy to use Linux like Ubuntu Linux.
  • A recent version of a browser that supports an Adobe Flash Player plugin. We recommend Google Chrome or Firefox.

That's all you need in order to gamble online in a "no download" interface.

To gamble for real money in an Adobe Flash application, you'll also need to download and install the Adobe Flash Player plugin intended for your browser. If you've done this already for other reasons, you're good to go. Otherwise, you'll be prompted to do so the first time you attempt to play.

Fortunately, this is very straightforward in 2018. Your browser will:

  • Alert you that you need to install the appropriate plugin.
  • Direct you to the plugin download for your browser.

Simply proceed with the download, and open it. After accepting Adobe's terms of use, the download file and browser will interact to install the plugin, and you're all set to play.

How to Find a Linux Casino

You need not look any further than for recommendations on the top real money Linux-compatible online gambling casinos. Visit us frequently to be the first to know when even better Linux online gambling opportunities arise.

There are no Linux specific online gambling casinos.

But in 2018, lots of real money sites offer Adobe Flash applications and "no download" interfaces to their games. Both options work great on Linux.

If you're sufficiently tech savvy, consider running Windows online gambling apps within the Wine Windows emulator for Linux.

What about Windows emulation on Linux?

Switch to Windows on Linux platforms

Linux users are generally "techies" with a hankering for experimentation and the sense of satisfaction that comes from making something really cool work.

If that describes you, consider using the Wine Windows emulator. Wine provides a computing sub-environment within Linux that permits running Windows applications directly.

Since Linux is open source software, the best source for information about installing, tweaking, and running Wine is online. Simply direct your favorite search engine to "linux wine" for details.

One you have Wine running, you can download Windows online gambling applications, and run them on your Linux system as though you were using a Windows PC. There may be additional technical details to sort through from one Windows online gambling app to the next. But if you're a hardcore Linux aficionado, you're already skilled at solving those issues.

We Found the Best Real Money Sites for Linux

In 2018, Linux users gambling online for real money have more options than ever before. And nobody is better equipped to guide you to the top online gambling casinos that embrace your beloved Linux environment than

Our thorough, unbiased staff follows the industry incessantly. We're sensitive to the historic plight of Linux users who've wanted to gamble online for real money, but sometimes felt like second-class citizens. Follow our recommendations with confidence, and you'll be enjoying safe, thrilling online gaming action on your Linux machine faster than you can say "Linus Torvalds"!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I gamble online with Linux?

    Yes, you certainly can. There are heaps of great Linux-friendly casinos that have Adobe Flash games and no-download games too. Scroll up to check out our most recommended Linux compatible online casinos.

  • Where do I begin?

    If you are using a Linux OS all you have to do is make sure the Linux you're using is as up-to-date as possible and that you're running an Internet browser like Firefox or Chrome, which both support the Adobe Flash Player plugin.

    After that, all that's left to do is pick a top site to play at. You can see our list of the best Linux Internet casinos on this page.

  • What are the best Linux gambling options?

    Linux players should look for casinos that offer an instant play/no-download version of their casino software because you can just play these games straight away from inside your browser.

    Flash casinos are also ideal for Linux players because you can easily run Adobe Flash through popular Linux compatible browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

  • Am I required to download any software?

    No. If you go down the no-download casino route all you need to do is open up your web browser and log in to the casino.

  • How does it compare to other platforms?

    So many people want to play no-download or flash casino games these days that all the big name sites now offer these options. That means that you won't have to compromise on the quality of your gambling experience just because you're running on a Linux OS.

  • Is live dealer play possible?

    Yes. The best online casinos with live dealer games use Flash software and broadcast their streams through Flash too, so you won't miss out on any live dealer action.

  • Is it safe?

    Online casinos use cutting-edge technology to make sure that players' private information is always kept safe whenever they play. There are also tough regulations in place to ensure that all licensed Internet casinos use game software with built-in security measures.

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