Playing Alien Video Slots

    How to Play Alien Video Slots

    It's not hard to feel like an alien in Vegas. When you consider the perpetual parties, flamboyant casinos, and pleasure at every turn, you would be forgiven for believing you're somewhere other than Earth. Naturally, many of the games aim to take you to places that are out of this world, especially the science fiction themed slots. Alien video slots, which are based on the movie franchise, are fixtures in Sin City. Yet you don't have to travel far to experience the excitement thanks to online gambling. Alien video slots are available now in all their glory on your favorite device. We found that offers the best Alien video slots with the biggest bonuses.

    When gambling online, Alien video slots offer great payouts and unrivalled excitement that's otherworldly. Of course, there's more than just Alien Las Vegas slots at our recommended online casinos. Here's what you'll find:

    • Licensed and regulated slot machines you can trust
    • Rock solid security and unrivaled player protection
    • Big real cash bonus offers when you sign up
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    Alien Video Slots Screenshots

    The Original Alien Video Slots

    About Alien Slot Machines

    Before enjoying online gambling with Alien video slots, it's worth paying tribute to the Las Vegas original. Although the early IGT game is less common than it used to be, you can still find it casinos in Las Vegas and other American states. The game features symbols straight from the movie series, including UFOs, alien eggs, planets, space ships, cats, and more. Whether you prefer playing at your local casino or online gambling, Alien video slots based on the original feature five reels and twenty paylines. You can typically play for as little as a penny per line, although casinos have been known to adjust the payouts and minimum bets at their discretion.

    The best thing about Alien video slots is the bonus game. There are actually two bonus games in most Alien Las Vegas slots. The first is the egg bonus. If you can get past the imagery of eggs oozing with space slime, then you can hatch them for real money prizes. When online gambling with Alien video slots, there's also a bonus round that pits you against the Alien. If you win the battle, you'll be rewarded with major dollars. It's one of our favorite slot machine betting experiences in 2019.

    Online Gambling with Aliens

    No matter how you feel about the four main Alien films or the Prometheus prequel, it's not hard to appreciate Alien online gambling. Alien video slots are fun for anyone who enjoys science fiction. Of course if you prefer online gambling, Alien video slots are about to get far more interesting. There's a new game created by leading software developer Netent that's fully licensed by 20th Century Fox and it's even better than the original. The latest online Alien video slots titles features five reels, 15 paylines, and the chance to win up to 570,000 coins.

    If you haven't heard, Netent is a leader in real money casino online gambling. Alien video slots is a testament to that fact. The game features incredible graphics, chilling sounds, and brilliant animations that wouldn't look out of place in the latest Xbox or PlayStation releases. Online Alien video slots gambling is straightforward, but ultimately you'll want to progress through all three levels of the storyline. First level Alien slots internet gambling players will want to rack up the largest multipliers for the biggest possible bonuses. When you enter the second level, you'll be welcomed with an automatic real cash win on your first online casino spin. If you manage to shoot all the Aliens before exhausting your ammo, you'll progress to the hive. In the third level, you'll get five re-spins. If you successfully destroy the queen's hive with one grenade, you'll earn a top prize.

    The Bonuses with Aliens

    Are you familiar with Weyland-Yutani? That's the fictional corporation that runs some of the colonies in the Alien series. The logo also acts as a wild when playing Alien video slot machines. Earlier in the game, the symbol is restricted to the second and fifth reels. Yet once you make it the next level, they'll appear on every reel. If you've ever played modern video slots at the best online gambling sites, you've probably seen this type of wild structure before.

    Speaking of Alien video slots bonuses, the biggest advantage of the game has to do with compatibility. As a new release, Aliens slots internet gambling is available for real money play on just about every device. Enjoy online gambling with Alien video slots on your iPhone, PC, iPad, Mac, Android smartphone, or tablet. Plus, like most Las Vegas slot machines, you can try playing for free at the best online casino sites. It's a great way to sample the action with no commitment.

    Experience the Planet's Best Alien Slot Machines

    Many Alien Slot Machines to Choose

    Whether you prefer extraterrestrial games at large or slots that are faithful to the Aliens movie franchise, you'll find great options when online gambling. Alien video slots are perfect for beginners and slot machine fanatics alike. While it's easy to find great Aliens slots, there's no sense jumping at the first site you encounter that offers online gambling. Our online casino experts have tested more than a hundred sites to find the greatest games, top payouts, and best bonuses in 2019. Experience amazing internet gambling alien slot machine action now at these recommended sites.

    With huge jackpots, incredible graphics, and a soundtrack that will make your blood run cold, Alien video slots really are out of this world.
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