Fantasy Premier League Review

8.8 / 10
The Premier League offers an official fantasy platform powered by EA Sports. Players can sign up for free and take part in the full season or compete against friends in private leagues. A combination of features and an unmatched coverage of the games make this the best option for football (soccer) fans. Not only that, but the top managers can win actual prizes for their efforts!
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What we liked
  • Completely free to join and participate
  • Real prizes are awarded every week and at the end of the season
  • User-friendly interface for easy picking
  • The scoring system is balanced well
  • Downloadable mobile apps allow users to always stay connected
  • Supports private leagues without any cost
What we disliked
  • Does only cover the Premier League
  • There is no option to play in leagues for real money
  • Bonuses & Offers
  • Security & Regulation
  • Compatibility
  • Support

Review of Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Premier League is hosted on the official Premier League website, offering users the chance to take part in season-long leagues against millions of managers. Furthermore, private leagues can be created for free to keep the circle smaller. Either way, the first impressions are very good and we strongly recommend going through the entire review of Fantasy Premier League if you are a fan of the sport.

Right from the start, we should point out that this is not a gambling site. No real money is involved and all leagues are free. Also, as the name would suggest, the football Premier League is the only option available. Other sports or other championships are not covered here.

If you are looking for action during the season of the Premier League, this is probably the best place to put your team to the test. There are over 5 million users who take part in the game every year. On top of that, the scoring system comes with a few extra features to make things more balanced.

For starters, you must sign up and create a team. As a manager, you can pick 15 players from which 11 must play during each gameweek. Each player has a certain price and the total roster has to fit in the budget of 100 million. One transfer is allowed for free per week, while additional transfers will cost 4 points from the total amount. Wildcard chips can be used twice during the season (once for each half) to make unlimited transfers for one week without any point cost.

Scoring is based on the performance of the players in the actual games. There are bonus points awarded for the top three players who perform the best during each game. Also, the assigned captain of the team gets double the amount of points of the actual player.

The transfer feature works really well since it gives managers the chance to tinker with the teams as they wish. Player values fluctuate during the season so it can be crucial to make the right moves from one week to another. This does require more of a hands-on management strategy, although the game will also adjust the lineup automatically if left unattended.

The website provides a whole lot of statistics. On one hand, this can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers but it doesn’t take much to do some basic research with the help of the tools available. Plus, the latest news and updates are provided on the same site.

  • Organized by the actual Premier League, powered by EA Sports
  • Millions of participants every year
  • Clean interface for picking the squad and making transfers
  • Quick option to create and join private leagues
  • Only allows for one team per account
  • Big prizes for the top managers


Since Fantasy Premier League is played completely for free, there are no actual bonuses and promotions to talk about. However, there are some financial incentives to do a good job. Prizes are awarded to the best managers on a regular basis. At the end of a week, the manager who scored the most points is awarded a copy of the latest FIFA video game, an original Nike Ordem V match ball, an FPL rucksack, and a FPL mug. Also, the top 20 managers of the week receive additional FPL merchandise.

The prizes go up for the manager of the month. These include a tablet computer, a Bluetooth speak, a copy of FIFA, and even a real Nike manager jackpot. Again, FPL merchandise is awarded to the top 10 managers of each month.

The biggest prize is awarded for the winner of the Fantasy Premier League season. The package includes VIP passes at two official Premier League matches in the next season, complete with travel and hotel accommodations. There is even a TAG Heuer watch waiting for the champion.

Prizes are also offered for the season runner-up and the third place finisher.

Banking Options

Banking doesn’t really apply in this case, since Fantasy Premier League is free. The prizes mentioned in the review are sent to the listed home address and can take a few weeks to reach the destination, depending on the speed of the services used.

Real money options are not supported on the site. Side bets can be made among friends for the private leagues but these are not in no way associated with the Premier League.

Software and Games 7 /10

As far as the games are concerned, Fantasy Premier League is only available for the Premier League, a famous football competition played every year in the United Kingdom. The system does not support other sports or other tournaments. In addition to the full season-long game, there are also options to create private leagues to play with friends or with other fans on the internet.

The software used is quite impressive. Everything can be done from the secure website and there is no need to download and install special apps. One team is permitted per account and the interface will make it very easy to form a squad. Transfers can be made every gameweek. As mentioned in the Fantasy Premier League review, one transfer per week is free while additional transfers are paid with points from the total of that week.

Some special features included in the software are the chips. There are four types of chips that can be used during the season. The first is called Bench Boost and can only be used once. The second is called Triple Captain and it will triple the amount of points the captain earns during the week based on the performance of the selected player in the real matches.

The Free Hit chip allows the manager to keep the bank balance while making one change to the squad. There is also a Wildcard chip that can be used twice during a season, once for every half. When used, transfers can be made without any points cost during the entire week.

Another feature to take into account is represented by the bonus points system. The software will award additional points for the best players of each match. Three points are awarded for the highest scoring player, two for the second best, and one for the third best. Bonus points are awarded to the fantasy league one hour after the final match of the day.

It is worth pointing out that the player values can fluctuate from one week to another. This makes the transfer feature even more important since managers can take advantage of small changes to improve their squads. However, when selling a player, the difference in value is cut in half in order to avoid any major imbalances between the active members and the more casual managers.

An automatic substitution system will swap in subs for a gameweek where the roster of 11 players is not set. Again, this plays more in the favor of casual clients who can select a strong squad overall and just log in once a month to check things out.

Since participants can do everything from the website, compatibility with mobile devices is very good. The no-download platform works on iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones at any time and from any location. The site remains secure and it is possible to log in with the same credentials to view the results and manage the squad.

For an even more convenient time on the go, Fantasy Premier League apps are available for iOS and Android devices. They can be downloaded from the official stores for free. The optimized interface for the respective operating system makes everything incredibly user-friendly. In addition to full management options for the fantasy team, the app also offers live blogging and updates for every match, results and stats, video highlights, Premier League news, and more.

An app for Windows mobile devices is not currently available but it is in development. The release date is not yet known but fans can expect to get it before the next season of the Premier League starts.

Available Platforms

Accepted Players

Given the fact that the Fantasy Premier League doesn’t take any bets on the website, it is available in every corner of the world. Granted, most participants in the leagues are European citizens. Users from the United States, Canada, Australia, and other big markets can very easily join as well. Registration is completely free and doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

Multi Player Options

Right now, there are two types of leagues taking place. The first one is the primary fantasy league that lasts for the entire duration of the season. As mentioned in the review, registration is free and changes to the squad can be made every gameweek to make sure that you get the most out of the available budget. The results are determined by the actual players in the Premier League, plus double bonus points for the selected captain.

During the 2008-2009 season, a new game was added to the platform. A free league competition in a head-to-head format was introduced with great success. This was repeated in the following years and is now a popular game. The difference here is that participating managers are entered in a random league played with 19 opponents. The games are played in a series of 38 matches, covering home and away locations. Teams earn three points for each win, one for a draw, and none for losing. This feature increases the excitement during the fantasy season and adds a new opportunity to win.

Management & Integrity

The management is perfect. The fantasy options are available on the real website of the Premier League, with the backing of EA Sports. Points are accorded in the same way for all of the millions of registered players so everything is fair. The rules are made clear from the very beginning and the system is as transparent as it gets. Some changes can be made from one season to another to further improve the system based on received feedback.

The reputation of the company should be enough to put all worries regarding integrity to rest. The Premier League is watched closely every year. Given the popularity of the fantasy games, it is safe to say that every participant is safe and protected.

Things to Improve

When it comes to free fantasy games for the Premier League, this is by far the best option. However, a real money version on the platform could make things even better. Not having the option to enter season-long or daily fantasy leagues with real money fees and the prizes to match can be seen as a major issue for some.

Another thing to improve is the bonus points system. This can be a bit baffling at times as points seem to be awarded based on popularity rather than real merit. It is not uncommon for the selected top players to be crowd favorites even when there are others that performed significantly better in the respective matches.

Customer Support

The help page on the site can be very useful in getting answers to common questions. It also presents the rules of the fantasy league and the terms and conditions for participating. If this is not enough and you still require support, there is a web form on the bottom of the page. It can be used to send direct messages to the support team, who will normally answer within 48 hours. Support by email is the only option at this time and with millions of users on the site, it is very unlikely that the Premier League will add a live chat feature or a phone line for assistance.

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  • Helpfulness
  • Friendliness


Email Support


For what it is, Fantasy Premier League is the best. It is not a complete fantasy sports platform and it doesn’t try to be. Instead, it offers fans a safe and secure platform to enjoy the Premier League in a very satisfying way. Thanks to the fluctuating player market and the squad system, this game can be very rewarding to play on your own. On top of that, with private leagues being easy to create, it can also be the perfect competition for you and your mates during the season.

The attractive prize packages for the top managers provide that little extra incentive to maybe put in a bit more time. Overall, the review of Fantasy Premier League has left a good impression on our team of experts and it is definitely a recommended option if you are a fan of the sport.

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