iPhone Drafts Guide

The successful DFS player needs to stay connected to keep up to date with all the latest stats, as well to be able to pick selections quickly and efficiently wherever they may be. In fact, a good smartphone is an essentially bit piece of kit for daily fantasy sports, and the serious player is never seen dead without one. Let’s take a look at fantasy sports, specifically through the window of an iPhone.

It's one thing to be able to play from anywhere on your iPhone but it's something completely different to be able to get the best bonuses and promotions, receive great customer service and make sure that when you win, you get paid as fast as possible. is one such casino. All the sites on our page offer:

Mobile Revolution

Select drafts from you iPhone

First off, you don’t need to be Mark Zuckerberg to realize we are in the midst of a mobile online gambling revolution. There are now 1.5 billion people around the world using smartphones. Meanwhile, 34 percent of all the time we spend on the internet is now through a mobile device.

In very little time at all, our smartphones and tablets have changed not just the way we interact with one another, but also the way we play games online.

Mobile been one of the biggest drivers of the online gambling and betting industries over the past few years. In countries where sports betting is legal, it has heralded the advent of in-play betting, deepening the level of engagement between users and sports fixtures, as players follow the action and make their picks even if they’re watching the game at their local bar.

DFS is no different. Using fantasy sports mobile apps allows players to stay on top of their line-ups, freeing them from the confines of their laptops and PCs and allowing them to stay connected.

And as 4G technology is rolled out across the world, the chances are you can do just that: stay connected. Although you live in Alaska, or anywhere where mobile data coverage is spotty at best, you may want to tread more carefully.

iPhone Fantasy Sports

From the Cloud to your phone

The iPhone is a great device for fantasy sports players, and happily, unlike many other gambling apps, most of the top daily fantasy sports apps are available in the App Store.

If you find this isn’t the case for your chosen site, you may need instead to navigate to the website in your browser and find a “Download for iPhone” option. Apple doesn’t hugely approve of online gambling apps, and until 2011 it wasn’t possible to find them for your iPhone at all, or any third-party software for that matter.

That all changed when Apple opted to open iOS to third-party software (yay!) and the floodgates opened.

Using Notifications

Get notifications in you iPhone

Along with offering players the ability to stay in the game when they’re on the move, another plus-point of playing fantasy sports on the iPhone is that you can use push notifications to alert you to crucial moments within games. And because this is the iPhone, you can have Siri tell you in that silky-smooth voice of hers.

So, the DraftkKings app, for example, will have Siri tell you when potential points might be coming your way, because, say, your batter is coming to the plate. You can even watch your batter hit! All this saves a lot of mind-numbing time staring a screens and waiting for them to update.

App Tools

The popularity of daily fantasy sports has engendered a host of third party tools that can help you get ahead. There are tools, like Fantasy Labs and LineStar, that allow you to generate the best possible line-ups (according to their algorithms), and feed you the data, which means that you don’t need to watch 16 hours of sports per day to stay on top. Apps like LineStar are compatible with most major DFS sites.


The truth is, we live in a brave new mobile world and, as a DFS player, you must embrace it. With so many players out there trying to gain an edge on YOU, you’d be mad not to.

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