NFL Fantasy Football - Top Betting Sites

NFL Fantasy Football - Top Betting Sites

The NFL's recently concluded Super Bowl 50 has transcended the boundaries of sporting spectacle and entered the realms of full-blown cultural event. It shouldn't be a surprise, then, that interest in NFL fantasy football on online gambling sites is at an all-time high.

For football fans unfamiliar with the wildly popular form of skill-based online gambling, we'll explain the ins and outs of NFL fantasy betting at fantasy sites, while taking a closer look at setting up a team, entering leagues, scoring points and turning a profit.

Fantasy Football 101

Make money with NFL Fantasy Football

Looking for an overview of fantasy football betting online? You've come to the right place. Essentially, NFL fantasy football at a daily fantasy sports betting site condenses the concepts from a season-long NFL fantasy league into a weekly or daily format. In 2019, these competitions take place online or on your mobile device, from the US or anywhere in the world.

Participants are assigned a fixed salary cap, which they use to draft a nine player roster. The total value of all nine players cannot exceed the salary cap, and players can only be chosen from teams who are competing in eligible NFL games.

Included in each participant's roster must be players from at least two NFL teams representing at least two different football games. The majority of top fantasy sports sites require all entrants to include the following players in their offensive lineup:

  • 1 quarterback (QB)
  • 2 running backs (RB)
  • 3 wide receivers (WR)
  • 1 tight end (TE)
  • 1 flexible player (RB/WR/TE)

On the other hand, defense is chosen on a team basis (DST), with each participant choosing one side's entire defensive lineup.

In fantasy football betting, points are awarded or deducted for a range of offensive and defensive actions, which include, but aren't limited to, touchdowns, two-point conversions, passing yards, rushing yards and reception or sacks, interceptions, recoveries, returns, and blocked punts on the defensive. As you can see, the game relies on these plays, so you need to be familiar with a player's stats before recruiting them to your fantasy football lineup.

Top online gambling sites allow you to sign up for free and play without downloading any software, and many leverage large bonuses so you can get a feel for the fantasy betting site before making a commitment.

How the Betting Works

Find your best Roster

Once you've picked your team and started scoring points in fantasy football online, it's time to get to work placing bets for real money. There are two main types of competitions we'll discuss.

Cash Games

In cash games, the lineup and scoring works exactly as above, with the only difference being in the payout. Cash games refer to competitions called 50/50s or head-to-head competitions.

In a 50/50 league, it's basically all or nothing. Depending on their scores, half the participants win double their buy-in price, and the other half goes home with nothing.

Example: If you pay $20 to buy into a 50/50 league with 1000 players, you just need to score in top 500 players to win $40 back. In this type of game, the payout is the same whether you finish 1st or 499th.

In a head-to-head competition, you're only competing against one other player. The rules are simple. If you score higher than your opponent, you take home double your buy in. Note that it doesn't matter how many points you score, just that you have the higher score. You can play against a random opponent or a friend you've invited to your competition.

Example:You invite your friend to a head-to-head competition with a $10 buy in. You score 25 points to their 20, and go home with a payout of $20, twice your initial investment.


In online fantasy football betting, tournaments are also called Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) format. This is where the larger sums of money are often taken home, though there's more risk involved. There is no difference from cash games in terms of lineup and scoring. In terms of payout, though, GPP tournament success relies on the exact number of points scored by each player. Usually, payouts are restricted to a top percentage of the field, often around 15%. The higher you finish, the more real money you take home.

Example: You buy into a GPP tournament with a guaranteed prize of $2000 and there are 100 players total. This means that the top 15 players by score each get a chunk of that $2000, with the 1st place winner taking home the largest sum.

As you can see, the odds for taking home a prize are slimmer here than in a cash game, but the payouts are larger. In smaller competitions, however, you have a higher chance of consistently taking home a profit, making this a more stable option for new players. Your potential earnings in NFL or college fantasy football betting depend entirely on how often you play, and how much you're willing to risk.

Quick Tips

Itching to start playing fantasy football for real money? We've compiled the following tips, compressing a wealth of information into a few short pointers to get you ready for fantasy betting as fast as possible, whether you decide to play from your mobile device or online.

Our reviewers top suggestions for fantasy football betting online:

  • Recruit lesser-known players with solid stats to stay within budget
  • Grow your fantasy football earnings steadily by starting with smaller competitions
  • No excuses! Learn the rules of each online fantasy site to avoid rookie mistakes

Learn Some General Rules of Thumb

NFL and college football seasons may change, but many general trends in fantasy football stay the same throughout. If you want to turn a regular profit while having fun, it's worth it to strategize and play according to the experts' advice. Fantasy football is a highly complex game, so there are multiple factors to consider. Of course, it's the game's complexity that makes it so fun.

Our fantasy football betting experts often remind players of the following rules of thumb:

  • Go for value - Stay within budget by calculating the points per thousand (PPT) on your recruits. If a star player is $9000 and is projected to score 25 points, versus a solid player at $6000 projected to score 20 points, the lower budget player actually works out to have better value.
  • Know your format - Always look into which type of format you'll be playing before you decide on a lineup. In cash games, for example, it doesn't matter how high you score as long as you hit a certain threshold, so it's better to go with the tried and true players rather than taking a gamble.
  • Watch out for injuries - A stellar lineup can become a weak one if key players are injured. Double check all players before game time to make sure no unexpected injuries have popped up, and remember that an injured starter, for example, means a low price and high value on the backup starter in their place.
  • Don't chase - Just because a player has a great week doesn't mean they'll be on fire forever. Pay attention to other trends on the field, including which players are matched up against each other, for a fuller picture.

Start Building Your Team

As you may have realized, fantasy football betting is a hugely exciting way to earn real money. It's also on the rise in popularity, continuing to grow as news of the game's potential spreads. Of course, more new players means larger prize pools but also a lower overall skill level. All in all, it's the perfect situation for a more skilled player with solid lineups to make some easy money.

If you're all set to get started with fantasy football betting, the first step is to sign up with an online gambling website, or download an app to play from your mobile or tablet, and begin building your team. Check out our expert reviews of online gambling websites for fantasy football betting and get ready to put together a killer lineup.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does fantasy football betting work?

    Fantasy football betting earns you real money and is highly entertaining. Simply start with your assigned salary cap, recruit the appropriate number and type of players, and score points based on specific plays. Learn the rules and choose your level of competition wisely, depending on how much money you're willing to risk. Top players receive hefty payouts of thousands of dollars each week.

  • What fantasy football can I wager on online?

    In 2019, you can wager bets in NFL fantasy football or college fantasy football in cash games or tournaments, playing from gambling sites online or from your mobile or tablet device.

  • Can I trust fantasy football betting sites?

    All of our reviewed sites are authentic and trustworthy for online fantasy betting, with the most advanced security software in place to protect your personal details.

  • Do fantasy football betting websites offer bonuses?

    Yes. Our top reviewed sites offer welcome bonuses, sometimes in the thousands, for new players in 2019. These bonuses are all transparent and easy to claim, so you don't have to jump through any hoops.

  • Can I bet on fantasy football on my mobile or tablet?

    Thankfully, yes. Betting on fantasy football from a mobile device or tablet is becoming increasingly popular, and many players actually prefer the flexibility to the standard online games. When deciding on the best fantasy football betting site for you, be sure to check out the mobile offerings.

  • What kinds of bets can I place?

    Depending on your preferred level of risk, you can bet in guaranteed prize pool (GPP) tournament, head-to-head competitions, or in a 50/50 league. Tournaments offer higher payouts, but also a smaller chance of winning.

  • Which sites are the best for fantasy football betting?

    We have reviewed dozens of the best fantasy football betting sites for NFL and college football to find you the best fantasy betting site. That being said, the internet changes and evolves just as rapidly as the football season itself, so the site that is on top today may not be the clear winner tomorrow. Our top choices for December 2019 include Betway Sports, William Hill , and Titan Bet. In the end, though, be sure to choose a site based on its compatibility with your lifestyle and preferences.

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