NFL Fantasy Football – Top Betting Sites

NFL Fantasy Football – Top Betting Sites

With the National Football League’s recently concluded Super Bowl 50 transcending the boundaries of sporting spectacle and entering the realms of full-blown cultural event, it should come as no real surprise that interest in NFL fantasy football on online gambling sites is at an all-time high.

For those currently unfamiliar with the increasingly popular form of skill-based online gambling, let’s try to explain the nuances of NFL fantasy betting at fantasy sites, while taking a closer look at how you set-up a team, enter leagues, score points and start turning a profit. Find the ultimate score with Slotomania , the top football fantasy sports betting site.

How Does NFL Fantasy Football Betting Work?

Make money with NFL Fantasy Football

NFL fantasy football at a daily fantasy sports betting site essentially takes many of the concepts used in a season-long NFL fantasy league and condenses them into a weekly, sometimes daily format.

Participants are assigned a fixed salary cap which they must then use to draft a nine-player roster. The total value of all nine players must not exceed this salary cap and players can only be chosen from teams who are competing in NFL games that are eligible for any given fantasy football contest.

Furthermore, each participant’s roster must include players from at least two NFL teams representing at least two different football games. Most top fantasy sports sites require that each entrant includes a quarterback (QB), two running backs (RB), three wide receivers (WR), one tight end (TE) and one flexible position (RB/WR/TE) in their offensive line-up. Defence, meanwhile, is chosen on a team basis (DST), with each participant opting for one side’s entire defensive line-up.

Points are then awarded or deducted for a range of offensive and defensive actions, which include (but aren’t limited to) touchdowns, two-point conversions, passing yards, rushing yards and reception (offensive) or sacks, interceptions, recoveries, returns and blocked punts (defensive).

How Do I Know Which Players To Add To My Roster?

Find your best Roster

There are a number of factors to consider when picking an NFL fantasy football line-up at your chosen online gambling site. As you may have gathered from the previous section of this article, the game relies heavily on in-play actions and you simply must brush up on each player’s vital statistics before deciding whether they’ll be a beneficial addition to your nine-player starting roster for online gambling.

It goes without saying that you never want to be in a situation where your players are actively working against each other; so, if the Denver Broncos are playing the New England Patriots and your offence is loaded with Broncos, it doesn’t make sense to choose the Pats defence, as all the offensive points you accumulate will certainly have a detrimental effect on your defensive score.

Furthermore, with the salary cap preventing you from packing your team with elite superstars, the real skill lies in finding the second-tier players who consistently post good numbers across the board. While even a casual player will be aware that Tom Brady is likely to generate points on any given week, an NFL fantasy pro will find diamonds in the rough who are currently exceeding expectations.

What Events Can I Play and Can I Make Money?

Select the best NFL tournaments on the calendar.

NFL fantasy football competitions come in many shapes and sizes, with everything from head-to-head tournaments to guaranteed prize pool contests featuring on most top online fantasy sports betting sites. While the latter will usually offer the biggest prizes (some previous contests have awarded $1 million payouts) you will always have to overcome vast fields to finish in the money online gambling.

As such, smaller events like league contests, which are capped at a certain number of entrants, are a more manageable, lower-variance way to get involved in fantasy sports betting. True, the payouts will be far smaller than the big-money GPP contests, but your chances of consistently making a profit of some kind are vastly improved, making them a way to gain a more stable return on investment.

In terms of the potential earnings you can make on NFL fantasy football, it entirely depends on how much you play and how much you’re willing to risk. The game’s top earners have been known to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars each week, but they also invest considerably more money than your average user to net those returns and tend to make big profits from an ROI as little as 8 per cent.

Study Hard

Online NFL fantasy football betting is a lot of fun and, if studied diligently and regularly enough, can be a great way to turn a regular profit from online gambling doing something that you love. Whether you see yourself as a recreational player aiming to take a shot at huge guaranteed prize pools or a shark consistently grinding a small margin from heads-up games, remember to use your money responsibly and only play at one of our top online fantasy sports betting sites that are both fully legal and 100 per cent fair.

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