Daily Fantasy Sports: NBA 2018

Daily Fantasy Sports: NBA

With the fast, furious and high-scoring nature of most National Basketball Association clashes, it was only a matter of time before some bright spark recognised the sport’s suitability as a daily fantasy sports betting option, and these days, NBA fantasy basketball is growing just as popular as its more-established NFL and MLB cousins on the vast majority of online sports betting sites.

If you’ve yet to net yourself a piece of the NBA fantasy betting action, the following article will explain the rules that underpin this particular form of skill-based online gambling and give you a few pointers on how you can set up an NBA fantasy basketball team with more than just hoop dreams. We've found that FanDuel offers the best fantasy basketball betting.

How Does NBA Fantasy Betting Work?

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The rules of NBA fantasy basketball betting and online gambling are very similar to those found in most forms of daily fantasy sports. Participants are given a salary cap from which they must recruit eight players each game day, with rosters needing to include players from at least two teams and two separate games.

Each eight-player roster must include three guards (one point, one shooting and one optional), three forwards (one small, one power and one optional), one centre and one utility player, who can be fielded in any position. Selected players then score or lose points for a number of in-game actions.

At most fantasy betting sites, players in your roster earn attacking points for baskets, successful three-point shots, rebounds and assists, while defensive points can be accumulated through blocks and interceptions. Huge bonuses may also be awarded for players that hit double digits in two or three of the previous categories in one game, but these are limited to one bonus award per player.

As with all daily fantasy games, scores can be tracked in-play on your chosen fantasy sports betting site, with most offering downloadable apps for online gambling on iPhone/iPad or Android smartphones and tablets.

How Do I Know Which Players To Add To My Roster?

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After you’ve played a few games of NBA fantasy basketball, you’ll quickly learn that opportunity is everything. By this we mean the more minutes a player gets, the more opportunity they have to score points and the greater the likelihood of them converting this opportunity into actual returns is.

With this in mind it is vital to monitor injuries in the days leading up to any NBA fantasy basketball contest, as the more game time you can guarantee across your roster, the greater your chances of scoring big. Similarly, you should keep an eye on a team’s pace of play (the number of possessions they average per game) as this also relates to how many scoring opportunities they are likely to create.

While it may not be an exact science, it is also worth noting that the NBA is one of the more “streaky” leagues out there, with players who are confident in their game tending to go on scoring runs in successive matches. As such, you should closely monitor which teams and individuals are in a rich vein of form and attempt to capitalise on this momentum when selecting your eight-man roster for online gambling.

What Events Can I Play and Can I Make Money?

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As with all daily fantasy sports, fantasy NBA betting is available in a number of different formats, with everything from large field guaranteed prize pool events to heads-up cash games on offer. While the different formats have their own individual nuances and must be approached accordingly, the fact remains that yes, it is possible to turn a regular profit from NBA fantasy basketball.

Naturally, the only way to give yourself an edge on the competition is to study harder than your opponents and catch wind of the latest statistical trends before they do, and the better the opponent you face, the less likely they are to give you this head start. As such, it is important to pick your opposition carefully and try to take on players who have less experience betting on the NBA.

NBA: Great for Beginners

If you already love basketball and watch games regularly for the sport alone, NBA fantasy betting may be the perfect way to add a little extra spice to something that is already a big part of your sporting life. The scoring in NBA fantasy basketball is also simpler than many of the other fantasy sports betting games in online gambling, making it a great entry point for new players, so if you’re thinking of starting your online fantasy sports adventure, try NBA fantasy betting at one of our recommended sites.

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