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What is Joker's Wild?

Essentially, Joker's Wild is a popular variant of video poker which can be played at many online casinos. Like other video poker games, which is sometimes referred to as draw poker, Joker's Wild uses the standard 52-card deck with 'active' hands of five cards.

What makes this game different is that in addition to the 52 cards, a joker card also circulates, acting as a wild card. This means that the joker can substitute for any card needed to form a winning combination.

How to Play Joker's Wild

Playing Joker's Wild online is straightforward. Just follow these easy steps to play Joker's Wild anywhere:

  • 1

    Sign up for an account with an online casino.

    If you do not have an online casino account yet, sign up with a trustworthy online casino site. Our experts list their recommendations on this page.

  • 2

    Decide on a bankroll amount.

    From there, decide on a secure banking method and a realistic budget. Players can also claim any bonus offers available at the casino of their choice.

  • 3

    Choose a video poker game.

    Simply head to the video poker games section from your desktop computer or mobile device to choose a title to play.

  • 4

    Decide on a bet amount.

    Next, use the screen controls to choose how many coins to play as well as the value for each coin.

  • 5

    Click 'deal' to receive your first hand.

    Players will receive five face down cards on the screen. After pressing the 'deal' button, they will be revealed.

  • 6

    Choose which cards to keep.

    From there, decide which cards to hold using the corresponding button, and hit 'deal' again. This is your final hand, and if you have won, your winnings will be added to the display count.

Rules for Joker's Wild Poker

There are not many complicated rules in video poker games, which is one of many reasons they are so popular at online casinos. The main rules to Joker's Wild poker are as follows:

  • 1

    Jokers are wild cards and will substitute if one additional card is needed to form a winning hand. Players do not have to decide where to use the joker, as the house will automatically determine the most advantageous use for their wild card.

  • 2

    In order of highest to lowest payout, the standard paying hands are as follows: natural royal flush, five of a kind, royal flush with joker, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, and two pairs.

  • 3

    Players will win the highest amount possible on a royal flush by betting the maximum wager. This should always be adjusted for smaller bankrolls, though.

  • 4

    There are two types of Joker's Wild poker with marginally different paytables, and Kings or Better offers better odds than Two Pairs. The paytable will always be visible in the game and are also available to check out in advance at many online video poker hubs.

  • 5

    Note that the deck of cards will be re-shuffled after each round of Joker's Wild, so counting cards is not an option, and everyone has a fair shot to win.

Free Joker's Wild Poker Games

Want to soak up all the entertainment value of video poker without investing in real money games? Free Joker's Wild poker is an excellent way to do just that. What's more, is that free games allow you to learn the rules, try out new strategies, and get accustomed to a new online casino before raising the stakes.

No-download free games of all varieties are available from a desktop computer or mobile device at the top online casinos listed on this page. There is quite literally nothing to lose, so why not try out free Joker's Wild poker today?

Free Joker's Wild Poker Game

Joker's Wild Strategy

In this section, we'll cover some common strategies to maximize your profits in real money Joker's Wild games. First, the house edge in Joker's Wild is relatively low, at 98.5%. But as previously mentioned, there are actually two different versions of this game offered at online casinos: Kings or Better and Two Pairs or Better. Kings or Better has slightly better odds, so given the choice, opt for this version.

When discussing Joker's Wild strategies, many players want to know which specific cards to hold and discard in each round. There are plenty of strategy guides available online and in casino shops that will outline specific actions based on the game's probabilities, and we will cover some of them here.

Joker's Wild Strategy

If you do not have a joker in your initial hand, you should generally keep the cards that correspond to a winning hand. For example, if you have three of a kind or a straight, discard the other two cards and hold the straight. If you have two pairs, discard the other card. If you get a single ace or king, discard the other four cards. If you have the luck of getting dealt a natural royal flush or royal flush, keep it and celebrate.

If you do have a joker in your initial hand, you will have a little more flexibility as you are closer to a winning hand. It goes without saying that you should always hold the joker!

Top Tips for Playing Joker's Wild Onlines

In addition to the above strategies, we have put together five top tips for online casino fans playing Joker's Wild:

Know the rules and have a few strategies in your pocket! Players can make quicker decisions when they are better educated on the ins and outs of video poker, including specific terminology.

The biggest payouts are available when playing the maximum bets. Players can always adjust for a smaller coin size on each bet if they do not have the funds. This means bettors can bet the max without overspending their bankroll.

Double check the paytable at an online casino to ensure you are getting the highest possible payout for winning hands like a Natural Royal Flush.

Avoid committing any funds at untrustworthy casino sites. We recommend reading casino reviews to find trusted online casinos to play with.

Do not be afraid to try new games! Jacks or Better has even more favorable odds than Joker's Wild poker. Trying new poker games can make you a more flexible and strategic player, as you'll have to adapt to new rules.


  • What does Joker's Wild mean?

    This video poker game's title refers to the fact that joker cards are wild, meaning that they can substitute for any other card to form a winning combination.

  • What games use jokers?

    Jokers are used in several different card games worldwide, including many poker variants, and other games such as Gin Rummy. However, the joker's function depends on the specific game. Sometimes, this card acts as a wild card. In other cases, it is assigned a point value or has another function.

  • What video poker game has the best odds?

    In general, video poker offers players some of the best odds of all casino games. That means that the odds are great in Joker's Wild poker, and they are even slightly higher in Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better.

  • Can you cheat at Joker's Wild poker?

    No. All legitimate Joker's Wild casinos, such as the ones reviewed by our experts, ensure fair and random games by using random number generating software. In video poker games, the 52-card deck is re-shuffled in each round, which prevents card counting. The only way to win is by learning the rules of the game, using casino bonus offers and free play to your advantage, and having luck on your side.

  • Is video poker better than slots?

    That all depends on your personal preference. With video poker, there is an element of strategy in addition to random chance, and the house edge is lower than most slot games.