Spinning Through Roulette’s History

Roulette and its History

When it comes to online gambling, roulette wasn't always the main game. When the industry first came to prominence, blackjack was one of the top betting options. As more live casino patrons have switched their allegiance to internet gambling, the spinning spectacle has gathered more and more support. When it comes to modern gambling online, roulette is not only one of the most popular options but one of the best ways to make money.

Before we bring this discussion about the history of roulette up to the modern day, it's important to take a look at where the game came from and how it's developed.

Classic Roulette

'Roulette' actually means 'small wheel' in French, which leads most historians to believe the game originated in France despite some evidence to suggest it was first played in China.

Although its exact history is unknown, roulette is generally thought to have originated in 17th century France, whilst mathematician Blaise Pascal was supposedly experimenting with perpetual motion. The game has been played in its current form with a wheel and a ball since 1796, and in 1842 a '0' was added to the wheel by Louis Blanc in order to give the house an edge.

Roulette was introduced to the United States in the early 1800s, where a second green pocket - '00' - was added to the wheel to increase the house advantage, and American roulette was born. In some instances, an American eagle replaced the '00' as a patriotic touch.

Louis Blanc also introduced roulette to the casinos of Monte Carlo, where it was known as the 'King of casino games'. A little known fact is that the sum of all numbers on a roulette wheel is 666 - the number of the beast. Legend has it that Blanc made a bargain with the devil when he created roulette, hence the strange coincidence.

To most observers it would seem that the numbered pockets on a roulette wheel are placed randomly, but they are carefully ordered in pairs totaling 37 or 39, alternating between two odds and two evens.

In years gone by it was sometimes possible to find biased roulette wheels that were not quite weighted evenly, meaning one side of the wheel would end up with the ball more often than the other. This is something you don't need to worry about when you gamble online.

Online Gambling: The Rise of Modern Roulette

Internet roulette first appeared online in the mid to late 1990s but it wasn't initially well received. In the early days, one of the main reasons punters disliked gambling online, roulette or otherwise, was a lack of engagement. Basic graphics, inefficient game play and a limited number of betting options made early versions of internet gambling roulette, blackjack and craps boring.

As online casino software has improved and operators have mastered the market, online gambling, roulette and everything in between has become a lot more exciting. Professional gamblers are now much more likely to ply their trade in the virtual sphere than the live arena. Whether it's European, American, French or Roulette Royale, online gambling is now the preferred choice for those that want to enhance both their EV and the size of their bankroll.

So why is online roulette more profitable than its live counterpart? Here are a few reasons why you should take a look at some of our best roulette options:

Speed: One of the biggest benefits of online gambling is speed. The roulette wheel is spun automatically and the result determined a lot more efficiently than in the live arena, it means you can run through more spins and, therefore, win more cash when you ante-up at our top roulette online gambling sites.

Fuss Free: Live casinos can often be crowded places and, because of this, you can often struggle to place all the bets you want. Thankfully, when it comes to internet gambling, roulette isn't subject to this sort of crowding and this means you can place more bets before the croupier calls time on the action. In fact, many of the best online roulette sites will have "replay bet" buttons which allow you to instantly cover the board with all the bets you've placed on the previous spin.

More Games, More Money: Game selection is paramount in any gambling scenario and on top of being crucial for entertainment purposes, it's also important for you bankroll. To become a successful gambler you need to find your niche and that's only possible if you have a wide range of games to choose from.

Lower Betting Limits: Live casinos can be intimidating places for novice players because of high betting limits. Fortunately, online casinos don't have as many expenses as live venues and this means they can offer lower betting limits. Moreover, the pace of an online game of blackjack or roulette is much faster on the internet and this means the turnover is faster which means the operators can afford to lower their limits. In general, when it comes to roulette, online gambling sites will allow players to bet from as little as $1 per spin.

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