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    Video Poker Jokers Wild

    Today's top online casinos offer more than a dozen styles of video poker. While everyone has their favorite, most people prefer keeping it simple. It's not surprising that in the world of online gambling, Jokers Wild video poker continues to make plenty of new fans. Based on Jacks or Better video poker, Jokers Wild adds a joker to the equation. Whether you are new to video poker or want to shift gears and embrace a certified classic, online Jokers Wild gambling will get your heart pumping. We've found that offers the best real money Jokers Wild games in 2019.

    All our recommended Jokers Wild websites offer authentic gameplay with excellent real cash payouts. Yet that's just the beginning. When you log on to a top rated site you can count on:

    Getting Familiar with Jokers Wild

    Are you new to the world of casino online gambling? Jokers Wild poker is a great place to start. While it's not necessary to be familiar with other forms of video poker when gambling online, Jokers Wild is based on the jacks or better version of the game. The game typically uses a 53-card deck, which includes a single joker. Given the increased likelihood of landing a pair when online gambling, Jokers Wild poker raises the minimum qualifying hand to a pair of kings.

    Whether you find yourself seated at a video poker terminal in a live casino or prefer the convenience of online gambling, Jokers Wild is easy as pie. Yet the first thing you should know is that the game goes by a few different names. Besides Jokers Wild, you will also encounter Joker Poker, which is usually identical. There's also Double Joker Poker, which uses two jokers and has a minimum qualifying hand of two pairs rather than kings or better. The choice is yours in 2019.

    Jokers Wild Real Money Betting

    When online gambling with Jokers Wild, you'll have the opportunity to play for real money or just for fun. We highly recommend playing at least a few hands for free so you can get familiar with the interface, but it's entirely up to you. Either way, you'll need to consider the size of Jokers Wild wager. When you take your real or virtual online casino seat, you have the opportunity to adjust your bet size in two ways. The first is by picking the coin denomination. Many real cash sites let you use pennies up to five dollar coins. Of course, you aren't limited to wagering a single coin when online gambling. Jokers Wild video poker gives you the power to bet between one and five coins per hand.

    It's always smart to play five coins whenever possible. When you check out the pay table for online gambling with Jokers Wild, you'll notice that a natural royal flush typically pays 750 coins for a single coin bet but 5000 coins for a five coin wager. That's an extra 1250 coins that you would expect. While the payouts vary depending on your chosen casino online, you'll always get better value for your dollars by betting the max. You can always lower the coin denomination to help you meet your budget.


    No matter how much familiarity you have with online gambling, Jokers Wild is easy to understand. After you place your bet, you'll receive five cards. The object of Jokers Wild is to get the best possible five-card hand in accordance with conventional poker hand rankings. The game features one draw, but you'll have the chance to replace up to five of your cards. Internet gambling Jokers Wild players just need to click or tap on each card to toggle it from the hold to draw position. Once you're satisfied with what's about to happen, just click on the draw button. Before you do, it's a good idea to check out the pay table at the top of the game screen. It will tell you how much cash you stand to win and what hands you're looking for.

    Winning Jokers Wild Hands

    After receiving your new cards, you'll win real cash if you have a winning Jokers Wild online gambling hand. You'll find all qualifying hands below, but the payouts do depend on where you play.

    • Natural royal flush
    • 5 of a kind
    • Royal flush with a joker
    • 4 of a kind
    • Full house
    • Flush
    • Straight
    • 3 of a kind
    • 2 pairs

    Are you feeling lucky playing Jokers Wild video poker? Online gambling players don't have to take their money and run. If you win a hand, you can try doubling in a double or nothing bonus game. If you opt to play, you'll be given one face up card and two face down cards. Simply choose one of the face down cards. If your selected card is numerically higher than the first card, you'll double your cash. You can keep pressing your luck by doubling your cash repeatedly if you wish.

    Play at the Best Casino Online

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    With big payouts, quick action, and simple gameplay, Jokers Wild is always easy to tame.
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