Baccarat History Guide

Baccarat History

Like most popular card games, baccarat is hardly an overnight sensation. It has a storied history that raises more questions than it answers. Whether you play at a live casino or prefer online gambling, baccarat history makes modern fun possible. While your success at the tables isn't dependent on a strong knowledge of baccarat history, online gambling fans often enjoy knowing about the games they love.

Before gambling online, baccarat history buffs spend plenty of time debating the origins of the game. Yet one thing is certain in the realm of baccarat history. Online gambling will revolutionize the way you enjoy real money games. Our baccarat specialists have found the top places to play and we recommend . Here's what you can expect when you visit any of our recommended online casino websites in 2019:

The Origins of Baccarat

There's no shortage of mythology surrounding real money baccarat. Yet if you've ever played the comparing card game before, you're probably well aware of the significance of the number nine. In ancient Italy, legend has it that nine gods recited prayers to a virgin. The myth suggest that the virgin would throw a nine-sided die at the feet of these gods. Depending on the roll of the die, the virgin would either retreat to the sea or become a priestess. When playing live or online gambling, baccarat history comes full circle with nine being the top value of a hand.

Historical records reveal that baccarat wasn't particularly popular in Italy, but was likely introduced to France by Felix Falguiere in the late fifteenth century. Interestingly enough, the game gets its name from Italian, where baccarat literally means zero in some regional dialects. If you've never enjoyed online baccarat, history gambling buffs and players will be quick to point out that face cards and tens are worth nothing in the game.

The French Connection

Think you know your online baccarat history? Gambling fans in France often claim that the game was a French invention. In reality, members of the French elite were constantly looking for new games and diversion in the sixteen century. As you guessed, real money baccarat fits the bill. As you might expect, the game evolved into what we now call chemin de fer with players acting as the banker in succession. If you are at all familiar with the history of gambling, you've probably heard that betting was often deemed to be immoral. In France, baccarat faced similar scrutiny in its early history, initially facing full-on bans but eventually being subject to taxes, with the proceeds assisting the poor. Baccarat history suggest that the game experienced a true renaissance in the eighteenth century, heading underground during the Napoleonic era and being outright banned in 1830. In 1907 the prohibition on games of chance like baccarat ended and the game thrived again.

Baccarat in Britain and America

Like all other cultural phenomena, baccarat was oblivious to lines drawn on a map. When it comes to baccarat history, online gambling sites are ahead of the curve. One of the criticisms of live baccarat is that you need lots of real cash to play the game. This isn't true if you play on the internet, where the stakes are far more flexible and the tables aren't reserved for James Bond types. Yet the moneyed aspects of the casino game were well apparent even in the Victorian era where the game was popular in royal circles. In fact, the game spawned a huge cheating scandal in 1890 when a millionaire companion of the Prince of Wales named Sir William Gordon-Cummings was accused of rigging the game. It temporarily gave the game a bad reputation.

Baccarat made its way to the USA through Cuba rather than Europe. Baccarat history tells us the game was popular with Americans who visited the island before the embargo. It ultimately moved to Las Vegas when Havana became off limits.

Internet Gambling Baccarat History and Outlook

Thanks to the rise of online gambling, baccarat history will be far more interesting to future generations. That's because the game is vastly superior when you play on the internet. With baccarat banque, punto banco, chemin de fir, ez baccarat, mini baccarat, and other variations at your disposal, you get to pick the terms and style of play. Why risk valuable dollars playing unfamiliar styles of online gambling? Baccarat history is on your side with flexible stakes.

When gambling online, baccarat history moves at the speed of light. Did you know the future looks particularly bright and versatile in 2019? You can already play online baccarat for real cash from anywhere in the country at the best casinos and card rooms. You aren't limited to playing on your PC or Apple Mac. The best sites bring an authentic casino online to your smartphone or tablet. What's even better are the latest innovations that blow the minds of history buffs. Did you know you can now play live dealer baccarat? Why settle for computer generated graphics when you can have a real casino table and skilled croupier webcast to your desktop. It makes traditional internet play fit for the dustbin of baccarat history. Casino online gambling just keeps getting better.

Experience Genuine Real Money Online Casino Baccarat

It's never been easier to be a part of online gambling baccarat history. Why dress up and make the trek across town when you can enjoy better baccarat at a casino online? No matter how you feel about baccarat history, online gambling gives you the power to play right now. Our online casino experts have found the best licensed gambling sites with the biggest real cash bonuses in the business. Log on now and experience baccarat and hundreds of other titles. You can even play for free if you prefer at top rated gaming websites.

Baccarat’s history is worth celebrating, especially since the game continues to shine both live and online.
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