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Aces & Faces

Whether you play live or on the internet, there's no shortage of ways to play video poker. Many websites proudly advertise dozens of distinct variations. Yet no matter where you enjoy online gambling, Aces and Faces video poker is sure to be offered. Aces and Faces is just like other forms of video poker, but with better payouts when you land a quartet of aces and, you guessed it, faces! Our poker experts have discovered that is best spot to play Aces and Faces video poker in 2019.

Our mission isn't just to recommend the best casinos online. We'll also teach you how to master Aces and Faces. When it comes to online gambling, Aces and Faces deserves its share of face time. Here is what's in store at all of our top rated online casinos:

Aces and Faces Basics

Even if you've never enjoyed internet gambling, Aces and Faces is easy to play in 2019. The first thing you should know is that your hand will be judged on its own merits. You won't be battling other players or even the dealer. If you land an Aces and Faces hand that is listed on the pay table, you'll be paid accordingly.

It's not hard to master video poker at sites that offer online gambling. After the game loads, Aces and Faces will give you the option of wagering anywhere between one and five coins. Some of the best gaming sites also let you raise or lower the value of the coin for added flexibility in this great card game. When you are happy with the size of your wager, then click the deal button. You'll instantly receive your Aces and Faces internet gambling hand, which consists of five face up cards.

Like all types of video poker available when gambling online, Aces and Faces gives you the chance to hold your cards or draw new ones. You can hold up to five cards by clicking or tapping on the individual cards. When enjoying Aces and Faces, many betting sites help you out by highlighting or automatically holding your good cards. Of course, you are free to downright defy the odds. Either way, you'll want to check out the real cash pay table at the top of the screen to know which cards you're chasing. Being aware is always a good casino gaming strategy.

Winning Hands

After receiving your new cards, assuming you haven't held them all, you'll be declared a winner if your hand is one of the ones listed on the Aces and Faces video poker online gambling pay table. As we mentioned earlier, the payouts and hand rankings do vary across online gambling sites in 2019, but the most common qualifying hands for this card game appear below.

  • Royal flush
  • Four aces
  • Straight flush
  • Four of the same faces
  • Any other four of a kind
  • Full house
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a kind
  • Two pairs
  • Jacks or better

The game doesn't have to end with your winning Aces and Faces hand. Just about every casino online offers an optional double bonus game, which lets you risk all the cash you just won. In the bonus game, you'll receive five cards. The first card will be dealt face up and is considered the dealer's card. You'll need to click on one of the four face down cards. If your chosen card beats the dealer's card, you'll double your cash. Otherwise you'll lose, except in the case of a tie. When playing Aces and Faces, casinos online will often let you attempt to double your real cash winnings several times in a row if you win. Most machines do have a maximum dollar amount that you can double, but it’s usually quite large.

Points to Consider

Aces and Faces players are encouraged to always play the maximum number of coins. If you are fortunate enough to hit a royal flush when playing for real money, you'll get a higher rate of return. Remember that you can often adjust the number of coins to best accommodate your budget, so always bet the maximum number of coins whenever possible.

Like most casino online titles, you don't have to waste your real money while you get the hang of the game. Internet betting sites let you sample any video poker variation at no cost. You can play for minutes, hours, or years without opening your wallet or wasting even a couple dollars.

Face Off in a Video Poker Classic

Compared to other forms of online gambling, Aces and Faces offers particularly fantastic payouts. If you're ready to take the plunge, our online casino experts have found the top places to play. Whether you feel like hitting the video poker terminals on your PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet, we've found the best Aces and Faces online gambling in existence. Get started now at any of these top licensed sites and you'll also get a gigantic sign up bonus. Why not give yourself a few extra dollars to play with?

Aces and Faces video poker gives you plenty of fast-paced action with big payouts to match.
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