Bingo and Online Gambling in 2019

    Online Bingo games

    Bingo is a popular game that is played around the world. In terms of online gambling, Bingo hasn't quite enjoyed as much popularity as some other games, but it's certainly able to turn a few heads for those looking for something a little different.

    You can even play your favorite game of bingo on the go, on your smartphone or tablet. Here's what all our recommendations for Bingo gambling online can offer:

    • Complex security software to keep you safe
    • A wide range of convenient payment methods
    • Frequent player promotions to extend your bankroll
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    Learning Basic Bingo

    Play online bingo to win fantastic prizes

    In a Bingo hall or when gambling online, Bingo games are presided over by a caller, whose job is to call out numbers and validate winning tickets. He will announce the prize or prizes for each game before starting. Once the game begins, the caller will call out numbers as they are randomly selected, either by an electronic Random Number Generator, by drawing counters from a bag or by using balls in a mechanical draw machine. Calling takes the format of a simple repetition in the framework, "both the fives, fifty five" or "two and three, twenty three".

    When players first come to the venue they can buy a book of tickets. In UK bingo clubs, playing is divided into sessions with different books, each with a designated number of pages. Players in the UK usually prefer to buy books of six tickets containing all possible numbers in different combinations.

    As each number is called, players check to see if that number appears on their tickets. If it does, they mark it with a special marker called a "dabber" or a "dauber". When all the numbers required to win a prize have been marked off, the player calls out "line" or "house" depending on the prize and an official will check the claim.

    In the UK with the increasing computerization of bingo systems, an Auto-Validate system is often used in large clubs where a 1 to 8 digit security code is read out by a member of staff and checked against the entry for that ticket on the system. This saves the club from the time-consuming exercise of reading out every number on the ticket.

    There will often be an interval halfway through the game. In the UK bingo halls it is most common for Mechanized Cash Bingo to be played.

    Here is a step by step guide to playing bingo:

    • Choose your favorite online casino from our list.
    • Players must then buy a card containing a random selection of numbers that are arranged in a grid.
    • Players will be informed whether they’re looking for a Full House, a horizontal line or another pattern.
    • The caller reads out numbers at random. These numbers will also be displayed on the game console.
    • Players will have the time to match these numbers on their card.
    • The winner is the player who matches all the numbers that are required.

    Rules of the Game

    In the game of Bingo, players mark off numbers on a ticket as they are called out in order to achieve a winning combination. The winner of the game is the first one to mark off all the numbers on their card.

    The numbers in Bingo online gambling are called by a random number generator and not your regular live caller in a bingo hall. It's faster and believe it or not, it's safer because if you play at a reputable online gambling site, you know the random number generation will be truly random and give you the best experience possible

    The Best Bets & Odds of Online Bingo

    Now that you are informed about the basics of regular bingo, online gambling bingo works in a very similar way without the hassle of having to go out to your closest bingo hall. It also takes away all the fear and anxiety of worrying about the smaller things that you may come across when you're listening to a real caller and you may be something of a novice.

    Bingo contains an element of chance. This makes it one of the most fun games in online gambling. However, it also means that it's quite hard to predict your winning outcome. However, there are ways of thinking strategically to increase your winning odds.

    • The more cards you buy, the larger your odds of winning.
    • You can also see how many cards were purchased in the game to calculate your odds.
    • Your chances of winning will increase as the game progresses since there are less balls left.
    • Simpler patterns have a higher chance of winning.
    • You can calculate your odds by observing how many players there are in the game.
    • With progressive jackpots, more players mean a higher prize but then, the odds of winning are lower.
    • By playing more games, you will spread your bets and increase your odds at winning.

    Tips and Tricks of the Trade

    The online game of bingo is highly based on luck. However, there are few things that you can look out for to increase your chances at winning the game. Here are a few general tips to help you get started.

    • Buy the right type of card – This depends on where you play and the game that you will be playing.
    • Keep an eye on the game – Be aware of how the game is progressing so that you can act accordingly such as the people in the room, what players are buying, etc.
    • Play when the Cash Ball Jackpot is low – This will increase your odds of winning.
    • Free play – Practicing your skills and techniques using free play or demo games is a good way to increase your chances at winning a huge jackpot.

    Online Bingo Glossary

    • After Games – Games played after the end of a regular ‘sessions’ of play.
    • Any way – A term used to describe a bingo ‘pattern’.
    • Cash Ball – a progressive jackpot that pays when a Bingo is called.
    • Coverall – This is also known as ‘Blackout’ and it is a bingo patterns that requires every number on your card to be called for you to win.
    • Free Space – The middle square of the bingo card that has no number on it.
    • House – A shorter way of saying ‘The Bingo Hall’.
    • Lucky Jar – This is also known as the ‘Cookie Jar’ and it is the container full of cash.
    • Quickie – Also known as ‘Blowout’ in which the numbers are called as quickly as possible.
    • Special – A game that is played outside the regular session.
    • Wrap Up – The last game of the session.

    Top Strategies to Try Out

    Bingo might be one of the easiest games to play but there are still a few strategies that can be used. The most successful three are the following:

    • Bankroll management – Know your limits and make sure that you are playing responsibly whatever game you are engaging with. It is also advisable to monitor your losses and winnings as the game progresses.
    • Focus – You should be focused when playing bingo if you want to maximize your winnings. Keep track of big jackpots, busy times, number of players, reward bonuses, etc.
    • Play the numbers – Choose how many cards you play based on the number of winnings and prizes.


    • What is bingo?

      Bingo is a game where players buy cards that have a grid of numbers on them. There's a different number in each square on the card and once the game begins, numbered balls are drawn at random and called out one by one. Whoever manages to mark off all the numbers on their card or complete a pattern first, wins a cash prize.

    • How do I play?

      To play bingo online you need to buy your bingo cards. Once you've done this, the numbers on the card will be marked off for you automatically, so just sit back and enjoy the excitement.

      The aim in 90 ball bingo is to cross off all the numbers on your card and when you do this you'll win the game jackpot. There are also smaller cash prizes for the first player who completes one line and two lines.

      In 75 ball bingo, you'll need to complete a pattern on your card, like a star or a square, to collect the game jackpot.

    • What are the odds of winning?

      The best thing about bingo is that every card you buy has the same chance of winning.

      The odds of winning at bingo can be calculated based on how many cards you have, divided by the overall number of all the bingo cards being played by every player in the bingo room.

      In both offline and online bingo, knowing the exact number of cards being played in a game isn't always possible. However, you can make bingo odds work in your favor by playing a game that has a lower number of players in it. The flipside of this is that the fewer players there are in a game, the lower the game jackpot will usually be.

      A great way to increase the likelihood of you winning a game is by buying more bingo cards.

    • How much can be won?

      You can win anywhere from $50 and up in a standard bingo game to millions of dollars in a progressive jackpot bingo game.

    • Where can I play?

      You can play bingo online at any of our top rated online bingo sites or in land based bingo halls.

    • Can I play on mobile?

      Yes. The best internet bingo sites all offer bingo games you can play on your smartphone, tablet or mobile phone.

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