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Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

Wimbledon is widely regarded as the highlight of the tennis season. As it is the oldest of the Grand Slam events, many players consider it an honor to compete and win at Wimbledon. The tournament is held at the end of June through July and follows the French Open in the Grand Slam tournaments. It has been at the All England Club in the London suburb of Wimbledon since the first match in 1877. Though this tournament is a huge source of pride for Britain, a British male hasnít won it since 1936. A British female hasnít won it since 1977.

In the early years, Wimbledon only consisted of Gentlemenís Singles. This changed in 1884 when the club added Ladiesí Singles and Gentlemenís Doubles. Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles were not added until 1913 and up until 1922, the defending champion only played against the player who had won through to face him/her in the final round.

Perhaps the most interesting things about Wimbledon are the traditions of the tournament. First and foremost are the strawberries and cream. Fans and players canít leave without having indulged in this sweet treat, as it has become an integral part of the Wimbledon experience.

Another tradition of the event is the whites. Players are required to wear all white while competing at Wimbledon. This dress code has caused some controversy over the years, most notably with tennis star Andre Agassi who refused to compete in the event because of it. He later recanted and went on to win at Wimbledon in 1992.

The rain has become an unofficial tradition of the event as matches come to a halt nearly every year because of sudden downpours. Fortunately, the club has installed a new retractable roof over Centre Court, making Wimbledon the second Grand Slam tournament that has indoor play.

There was a time in Grand Slam history that all of the Grand Slam tournaments were played on grass courts. Now, Wimbledon is the only one played on grass. All 19 courts currently used in Wimbledon are 100% rye grass. Grass courts create a low bounce and a much faster game than any of the other court types. For this reason, Wimbledon favors a player with a quick serve-and-volley game.

Some recent Wimbledon champions include:

Menís Singles

  • 1999 Pete Sampras (USA)
  • 2000 Pete Sampras (USA)
  • 2001 Goran Ivanisevic (HRV)
  • 2002 Lleyton Hewitt (AUS)
  • 2003 Roger Federer (CHE)
  • 2004 Roger Federer (CHE)
  • 2005 Roger Federer (CHE)
  • 2006 Roger Federer (CHE)
  • 2007 Roger Federer (CHE)
  • 2008 Rafael Nadal (ESP)

Womenís Singles

  • 1999 Lindsay Davenport (USA)
  • 2000 Venus Williams (USA)
  • 2001 Venus Williams (USA)
  • 2002 Serena Williams (USA)
  • 2003 Serena Williams (USA)
  • 2004 Maria Sharapova (RUS)
  • 2005 Venus Williams (USA)
  • 2006 Amelie Mauresmo (FRA)
  • 2007 Venus Williams (USA)
  • 2008 Venus Williams (USA)

William Renshaw and Pete Sampras both hold the most titles at Wimbledon with seven wins each. Lawrence Doherty, Bjorn Borg and Roger Federer all come in second with five wins each. On the womenís side, Martina Navratilova has the most titles with nine wins. Helen Wills comes in second with eight wins.

Wimbledon Betting Tips

Like all Grand Slam tournaments, the biggest thing to consider before taking a punt on Wimbledon is the court. Traditionally this court has favored serve-and-volley players because of the quick pace of the grass. However, recently Wimbledonís grass has been changed to 100% rye from the 80% rye mix. Some players have commented that the court is playing much slower these days and baseline players have seen success. That being said, Roger Federer has heavily dominated Wimbledon in recent years using a serve-and-volley style.

With all of this in mind, the best tip is to choose a player that has an all-court style. A player with a strong serve that can slug it out at the baseline or come into the net to pull off a few volleys every now and again. Such players include, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Venus Williams and Justine Henin.

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