What do Sportsbooks do with winning players

Sportsbooks mostly do not worry about who is winning and who is losing, as they profit from the difference between what they pay in winnings and what they collect in losses. The average winning player will likely draw no attention, as the amount won is unlikely to exceed more than a few thousand dollars, and most casual players are playing for a bit more fun in their sports rather than in an earnest effort to make a profit. The casual winner doesn’t give sportsbooks much to worry about, but what do they do with the professional winners?

Why do sportsbooks treat professional winners differently?

Well, while sportsbooks make their money by setting balanced betting lines, a lot of them offer bonuses and similar incentives. Professional players know ways to take full advantage of bonuses, which can leave the sportsbook at a loss. This is the kind of winner that sportsbooks will start to show some interest in, as they are playing not just to win, but to beat the house. No other business is going to keep a customer that puts it at a disadvantage, but sportsbooks deal with the problem quite elegantly.

How do sportsbooks handle the risk of professional winners?

The most common way that sportsbooks handle the risk of professional winners is to restrict them from using bonuses and to reduce their betting limits. This allows the individual to keep playing, but a professional player is unlikely to stick around. Before you think too harshly of sportsbooks for this practice, put yourself in their position. What would you do?

Are there any ways to avoid restrictions?

First of all, choose the right sportsbook to play at. Some sportsbooks make their own odds, while others simply follow what other sportsbooks are offering and then tailor the lines slightly more to suit their own pool of players. Basically, a large number of sportsbooks are focused on casual players and just post standard lines, while a small number are focused on professional players and constantly update their betting lines. For example promotes their brand as being ‘Where the line originates’ because they set their own lines and are usually the first to do so. The casual books are more inclined to restrict professional players, while the professional books, Like don’t mind such players and welcome high limits sports betting.

Casual books tend to offer a lot of bonuses and other incentives, for example a site like BetUS always has great bonus offers. The flip side is that their betting lines don’t really fluctuate, as they don’t keep up to date on every single market. Obviously, a professional player can take advantage of these traits, which is why casual books are more likely to restricts pros. If you are just into betting on your favorite team, or on big weekend games, then casual books will welcome you with open arms and do what they can to keep you happy – and you will most likely be very happy as the focus is on fun, not necessarily profit. But if you are playing to just cash out bonuses and exploit unbalanced lines, then account restrictions are likely.

Pro books are stingier with bonuses compared to casual books, and they set their own lines, which can change frequently if there is a lot of movement in the market. Professional players find it hard to take advantage of these books, but often the “squeeze” (the money that the bookie makes between both sides of the action) is lower at pro books. This makes it easier for a pro bettor to maintain a good profit margin without having to exploit a bonus. It is unusual for such books to impose low limits on an account, as they do not offer pro players easy opportunities to exploit betting lines or bonuses.

I’m not a pro, but my sportsbook has reduced my betting limit

It could be that you’re better than you think! On the other hand, perhaps you’ve recently increased your bet sizes while hitting a lucky streak, or maybe you just had one hugely successful weekend right after taking full advantage of some massive bonuses. If you aren’t a professional winner and the sportsbook is treating you like one, it’s usually because you’ve recently started acting like a risky player.

If you’ve been restricted due to a permanent change in your betting style, it may be time to move to a professional sportsbook. If it was just thanks to a lucky weekend where you spent big and got lucky, then the easiest solution is to move to a new online sportsbook and benefit from a new first deposit bonus! If you don’t know where to look, why not start with our sportsbook review pages?